Car remotes

Car Remotes and Starters

Tint World® remote security alarm systems can be installed in most any vehicle with features like rolling code high frequency transmitters, warn away, starter interrupt, and keyless entry when vehicles are equipped with power door locks.
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Tint World Security Alarms

Car Security and Car Alarms

Tint World® specializes in auto security alarms and convenience feature packages for your car, pick-up, SUV or motorcycle by offering a full line of world class security systems that include top brand names like Compustar auto security systems.
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Compustar Remote

Compustar Remote Car Security

Tint World® is the place to go for all of your Security Alarm needs. With new products being added all the time, Tint World also offers Compustar brand security such as remote start, window automation, programmable voice systems, tilt sensors, backup battery sirens and more.
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