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The Risk of DIY Aftermarket Installs on Your Car

in Automotive by Tint World Blogger

Automotive customization is a multi-billion dollar industry, meaning that there is a litany of aftermarket parts available to spice up your car, truck or SUV. While these range from 12 volt, performance, styling or even replacement part upgrades, each product needs to be installed properly to ensure functionality, compatibility and safety. While it may seem … Continued


Is Your Home Hurricane Ready?

in Residential Window Film, Services by Tint World Blogger

Hurricane season 2015 is in full swing, and residents across the coastal U.S. are being urged to prepare themselves, and their homes. A house is highly susceptible to damages inflicted by these devastating storms, with the National Weather Service listing primary hazards as storm surge flooding, inland flooding and damages from destructive winds, tornadoes and … Continued


5 Reasons to Install Protective Film at Your Business

in Residential Window Film, Services by Tint World Blogger

While you may try to do everything you can to improve your business’ efficiency and protect your employees, one aspect you may have overlooked is your business’ windows. Applying a protective window film like the ones sold at Tint World® will provide you with countless benefits that you might’ve been unaware of before. Today, we … Continued

exhaust system

How to Pick an Aftermarket Exhaust System

in Automotive, Services by Tint World Blogger

One of the first aftermarket customizations many people make to a new car is to upgrade its exhaust system. Aftermarket exhaust systems can greatly improve your ride’s horsepower, torque and sound, helping you enjoy your driving experience more. However, you might need help when it comes to choosing a new exhaust system. This post will … Continued


Window Tinting Legality 101

in Auto Window Tinting, Services by Tint World Blogger

When deciding on a new window tint for your car, there are a number of variables to consider. The most important factor of your decision is one that can often be overlooked, however.  Each state has laws in place to regulate the degree to which you tint your windows. The laws, among other things, state … Continued


5 Ways to Change the Look of Your Ride

in Auto Window Tinting by Tint World Blogger

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve your satisfaction with your vehicle is to upgrade its looks. There are many options for aftermarket customization, but today we will highlight five simple options for you to make your car both unique and stylish.  Window Tinting – Car window tinting is a great … Continued

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