The San Antonio Airport features 25 gates responsible for receiving about 260 departures on average. It also serves twelve airlines that fly to up to fifty three destinations, flying several miles non-stop. The longest flights get to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport while the shortest land at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Brief History

San Antonio was founded in 1841 after the City of San Antonio purchased 1200 acres of land. After many years of growth and development of the Airport, a project is undergoing with the aim of expanding it to a thirty-five-gated airport from just 25 gates.

In January 2017, the construction of a rental car facility project was started. It was opened in January 2018 to offer short term public parking after its completion in April 2017. It houses up to fourteen rental car brands. Another reason for creating the rental car facility was to eradicate the struggle to access shuttles from remote locations.

San Antonio Airport Gates, Terminals and Parking

There are two terminals at San Antonio Airport: Terminal A and Terminal B with 24 jet bridge gates. Terminal A is the largest, has seventeen gates and is where all operations for International carriers are handled. On June 18 2014, new improvements were done on signage, food was updated and terrazzo floors improved so passengers could see them clearly.

In October 15th 2014, in a sequential order, all the gates were numbered. They are all physical except gate A16, which is an imaginary gate that can be located on the map amidst the other gates. 8 carriers in terminal A use 15 out of the 17 gates.

A17 gate, designated as A17A, has a different parking position for aircrafts. A1 gate is set for Delta Charter flights. Terminal B has 8 gates since November 10, 2010 when it was opened. Corgan Associates, Inc. and 3D International are the brains behind the design of the terminal. Continental and American airlines were the first airlines to make use of the terminal.

Gates B3 and B5 have a club known as the United Club, situated in between the two gates. The club was moved to terminal B in August 1, 2012 from its original location in terminal A.

Gate B7, designated as B7A, also has different parking positions just like gate A17A in terminal A. Next to Gate B8, at the end of the taxiway and terminal, is an old parking bay, “27”, not in use.


In addition, San Antonio Airport has amazing parking reservation rates. The online reservation system is easily accessible and fast. You are guaranteed a parking space within two minutes after selecting your preferred space, saving you from stress.

Booking is simple and easy, meaning it can also save you a lot of time compared to other airports. If you compare the rates of parking in the airport to the reservation parking, you will realize reservation parking is more affordable. You get to save up to seventy percent of the parking fee charged.

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