Ram Clutches 80-2150N Force 10.5 Complete Dual Disc Metallic Clutch Assembly 80-2150N

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Force 10.5 Complete Dual Disc Metallic Clutch Assembly; External Balance; 1 1/8-10 Spline; 168 Teeth; Incl. Flywheel; Disc; Pressure Plate;

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For applications in the 400-900 ft/lb range, the Force 10.5 dual disc is the natural choice. Based on the design of the original RAM Street Dual, Force 10.5 is more street friendly by using a three strap system to locate the floater plate. This eliminates floater plate `rattle’ that is common on stand driven dual disc clutches. A high clamp load pressure plate assures plenty of holding power without excessive pedal pressure. Steel backed 300 series facing mean smooth engagement on takeoff and insure long service life. For higher torque capacities up to 1300 ft/lb, the Force 10.5N features the proven RAM 900 series metallic facings. Force 10.5 dual disc systems handle bigger torque loads and are a bit heavier than their smaller cousins. This higher inertia translates into better low speed driveability in heavier vehicles, or in large camshaft profile applications. All RAM?dual disc systems include an aluminum flywheel for direct fit. If you are bolting on a larger blower or turbo system, Force 10.5 may be the best choice for you.

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