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UWS Dog Box


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UWS Dog Box

Whether it's hunting, camping or just a weekend getaway -- bringing your canine companions along for the adventure is second nature with a UWS dog box. Each of our dog boxes features a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, a highly secure stainless steel locking system and a top tie-down rail for extra cargo storage. This double-door truck kennel is constructed from extra-thick aluminum for increased structural strength and enhanced protection for your dogs. It is equipped with stainless steel, key-operated T-handles on each door for reliable security and lasting corrosion resistance. It also features a vented design to help keep your dog comfortable, particularly in warmer temperatures. This particular dog box also has a built-in truck tool box to keep your dog equipment and valuables safe, well-organized and easily accessible whenever needed. The tool box is constructed from extra-thick aluminum for increased structural strength and features a patented foam core lid. This foam core greatly increases rigidity and helps prevent bending and warping. The locking mechanism of this dog tool box provides excellent security for your items, featuring stainless steel, key-operated paddle handles. Stainless steel construction supplies the locks with long-lasting corrosion resistance, and they feature an internal connecting rod that allows the lid to be opened from either side of the truck. All UWS dog boxes come with a welded rail on top, providing a solid strapping anchor for tying down other cargo and maximizing the storage space in your truck bed. Like all UWS storage boxes and tool boxes for trucks, this product is proudly made right here in the USA for style and long-lasting dependability.