Tint World® values the communities in which it does business and strives to improve them with its presence. We recognize that Tint World® success depends on the skill sets and contributions of franchisees, employees and the relationships we foster, but also on the health and prosperity of the communities in which we do business.

Tint World® has been equipping, recruiting, training, and certifying store operators since 1982 and has successfully established independent Tint World® operations throughout the United States. We are continually working to research and provide our operators with the best equipment, training, and technical support.

Tint World® center employees come to work each day dedicated, not only to providing the best service but also committed to enriching the quality of life in their communities. Whether it’s getting involved in a civic organization or joining in a wide range of community activities, that dedication to service has been a benchmark for Tint World® and its employees since the beginning. Together with over 100 employees donate or volunteer time to reach into their communities and support local initiatives.

Most of Tint World®’s corporate giving is driven by local employees who work with community agencies to identify the best programs to address local needs and enhance the quality of life. The organizations and agencies Tint World® supports are as diverse as the people they assist.