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How to have a hoopty Halloween

in aftermarket accessories, car wraps, Events, Services, vehicle advertising by Tint World Blogger

Tint World® offers tips to terrorize your ride Presuming you don’t have a hearse or ready access to a mummy or corpse to prop up in the passenger’s seat, getting your vehicle Halloween-ready can require a bit of creativity. Tint World® can help spookify your vehicle with a range of wraps and graphics, and remove … Continued

Don’t be scared – take advantage of these Tint World Halloween promotions

in Auto Window Tinting, Promotions, Services by Tint World Blogger

  We’ve got nothing but treats Have yourself a hoopty Halloween with these scary-good October promotions from Tint World®! These deals (only available in the U.S.) expire on Halloween, so get on that tricked-out broomstick and fly down to your nearest Tint World®. Here’s a look at our Halloween treats: Remote start: Get a jump … Continued

Five ways fabric is fantastic

in Detailing services, Services by Tint World Blogger

Tint World can help you customize the perfect interior Tint World® partnered in May with Dash Designs to offer our customers the latest and greatest fabrics available on the market today. We offer everything from dashboard designs to steering wheel covers and custom seat covers. But it’s just fabric, right? Not so fast. Your car’s … Continued

Tint World® can help you get your home or business hurricane-ready

in Commercial Window Film, Residential Window Film by Tint World Blogger

Storm-security film adds extra protection Leading tropical-weather forecasters at Colorado State University have substantially updated their hurricane forecast for 2017, but Tint World® storm-security film can help your home or business better weather any storm that rolls your way. Researchers in the CSU Department of Atmospheric Science in July predicted a total of 15 named … Continued

Keep the graffiti canvas blank

in Commercial Window Film, Commercial Window Tinting, Residential Window Film by Tint World Blogger

Tint World anti-vandalism films and tints can save property and money One person’s art is another person’s trashed property. While most talented, bona-fide street artists will use dedicated walls in some cities, there’s always some tagger out there to blast painted nonsense on your business windows. Tint World’s anti-graffiti film and coatings can help you … Continued

Windshield wipers are unsung heroes

in Automotive, Electronics, Services by Tint World Blogger

  Tint World® can help your vehicle with this vital need Windshield wipers serve more important purposes than, as the old song goes, helping you keep time with the music on the radio. With all due respect to rhythm, windshield wipers are key to driver and passenger safety. That’s why Tint World® offers a range … Continued

Window tint is not just for summer

in Auto Window Tinting, Residential Window Film, Residential Window Tinting by Tint World Blogger

  Tint World products can protect you and your vehicle all year It might seem counterintuitive to consider tinting your car, residential or commercial windows as the air turns brisk and the trees begin their annual show of fall color. But tinted windows can serve a valuable service even in the depths of winter. Here … Continued

Keep it real with new rims and wheels

in Rims and wheels, Services by Tint World Blogger

Tint World® can improve your car’s appearance and performance Rim additions or replacements are among the most popular after-market additions to vehicles of all types. Your local Tint World® dealer carries – or can order – the hottest wheels and tires available today. From the practical (off-road tires) to the whimsical (36-inch spinners), our expert … Continued

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