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Charles J. Bonfiglio – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Mr. Charles J. Bonfiglio became Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director of “Tint World, LLC” in September of 2006. Charles converted a chain of six independently owned auto accessory, and window tinting centers to an international franchise chain. To accomplish this, Bonfiglio formalized a standard uniform operations manual, trademarked the TINT WORLD® name and logos, drafted the companies Franchise Disclosure Document, and successfully filed it with the United States federal trade commission, enabling TINT WORLD® to become an international franchise offering in 2007. TINT WORLD® is the industry leading window tinting and automotive accessory specialty centers and residential and commercial flat glass window tinting centers. As the lead executive of TINT WORLD®, Bonfiglio is responsible for all functions related to the leadership, development, direction, and operation of the company as well as for growing the family of franchise dealers while adhering to the company’s budget and growth projections.

Bonfiglio oversees all sales, marketing and business functions within the company, including active management of nine corporate operations staff and the marketing department. He directs and manages all aspects of planning, execution and performance of the company’s annual budget and catalog of product and services offerings. Bonfiglio also directs and manages the company’s annual marketing plan that includes designing TINT WORLD® creative artwork, planning, execution and performance of the company’s print advertisements, direct mail and internet marketing services. Finally, Bonfiglio also develops and maintains the company’s business relationships with the company’s manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. TINT WORLD® is the Industry leading window tinting and automotive accessory specialty center franchise that started back in 1982.

Additionally, Bonfiglio has served as a Chief Executive Officer, business, and franchise developer for the privately held Meineke Car Care Centers from June 1983 through August 2014. In 2006 Bonfiglio founded and became Managing Member, and Stockholder of Auto Parts Network located in Boca Raton, FL. Bonfiglio has founded numerous companies in his career, and has been a seed investor in many successful start-up entities, and has also developed, acquired and managed several large scale real estate development projects in New York and South Florida.


Charles J. Bonfiglio is a results-oriented professional with a successful background in business management and real estate development. He is an expert at leading automotive companies to high profits with extreme customer satisfaction through unparalleled team building leadership with broad-based experience that reflects creativity and a winning attitude. As a strategically driven, entrepreneurially minded visionary, Bonfiglio continuously seeks to develop new business opportunities through leveraging innovation and integrating new channels of revenue streams to maximize profitability while continually focusing on core business improvement.

With over 25 years of developing and leading many successful business operations, Charles J. Bonfiglio is a business executive with broad experience in all aspects of business and real estate development. He has expert direct experience in the automotive parts and service industry, franchising, ecommerce, web design and software development, patents, trademarks, brand marketing and advertising, real estate development and financial management.

Jeanette Bonfiglio – Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Jeanette Bonfiglio was appointed TINT WORLD® Chief Financial Officer in January 2007. Additionally, Bonfiglio has served as a Chief Financial Officer, and franchise developer, for the privately held Meineke Car Care Centers from June 1985 through Augusut 2014.

Jeanette Bonfiglio oversees all administrative business functions within the company’s accounting department and actively manages three corporate bookkeeping staff. She directs and manages all aspects of budgeting, projections, P&L, balance sheets and performance of the company’s financial reporting. Bonfiglio also directs and manages the company’s franchise administration that includes franchise fees and the TINT WORLD® national advertising fund.


Jeanette Bonfiglio is an experienced automotive industry executive, possessing major accomplishments in both business and financial management. She is directly responsible for managing sales flow, human resources and accounting, with efforts resulting in the successful establishment for more than eight startup automotive companies in the South Florida market.

With over 25 years of hands-on development and management of many successful business operations with growing sales volume and profits through increased market penetration, Jeanette Bonfiglio possess the ability to handle the direction and motivation of personnel in the areas of sales, customer service, inventory control, merchandising, purchasing, compensation and expense control.


Paul Pirro – Vice-President of Operations and Product Management

Mr. Paul Pirro was appointed Vice President of Operations and Product Management in November 2009. Mr. Pirro also represents Tint World® as an elected Board of Directors on the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Automotive Electronics Division and serves as the co-chair for the CEA AED Promotions committee. In 2010, Mr. Pirro became an education committee member for the Mobile Electronics Retail Association (MERA) as well as a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP), contributing to the 2010 MECP “Basic Installation Technician” study guide. In 2013 and 2014, Paul was named to the Young Turks of Consumer Electronics. He also spent a year as the National Sales Manager for Mobile Electronics Magazine of Torrance, CA.


Jeffrey A. Stark – Vice President of Store Operations

Mr. Jeff Stark was appointed Vice President of Store Operations Management in January 2014. Mr. Stark joined Tint World® in November 2007 as a Multi-Store Operations Manager. Before that, from January 1998 until June 2014, Mr. Stark was a General Manager for a large multi-center Franchise Developer of Meineke Car Care Centers in South Florida. Mr. Stark is responsible for franchise store owners’ locations nationwide with advanced sales training, financial management, and operational system support.

John Marsh – Franchise Operations Manager

Mr. John Marsh was appointed Franchise Operations Manager on April 1, 2014. Mr. Marsh is responsible for daily support of the franchise locations nationwide, and assists franchise owners to meet the demand of the company’s fast paced growth with sales training and operational support. Mr. Marsh co-founded a manufacturer’s rep firm, overseeing the Southeastern region, and spent six years as a manager for Atlanta-area 12-volt retail stores. Mr. Marsh started his 12-volt career in the sound-off competition lanes of the mid 1990s, and then began working at Esoteric Audio in the marketing department, and later moved to The Path Group (IXOS), where he assisted in marketing, sales and product development. Mr. Marsh brings nearly 20 years of automotive and 12-volt experience, and broad invaluable industry knowledge to the franchise locations with experience dealing with both manufacturers and consumers.

Anthony Foley – Franchise Development

Mr. Anthony Foley was appointed TINT WORLD® Franchise Development in May 2008. Anthony has been with United Franchise Group since November of 2006 and came to TINT WORLD® after having worked in Franchise Development for United Franchise Group including brands; SignARama, EmbriodMe, Bill Board Connection, World Franchisors and Franchise Greenhouse organizations, all in West Palm Beach, FL. Prior to Anthony’s Franchising background, he worked with Randstad Staffing Solutions of Atlanta, Georgia from 2005-2006 and was Advertising Manager for Brillante Enterprises of Tallahassee, FL between 2003 and 2005.


Brian Schroeter – Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Brian Schroeter was appointed Chief Technology Officer on September 1, 2014, bringing over 15 years of experience in software engineering, systems management and systems security implementation. Throughout his career, Mr. Schroeter has been involved in numerous open-source solutions and has created several commercialized software solutions. Mr. Schroeter has acquired numerous industry-related certifications, making him a valuable asset to the leadership team as assists with shaping and enhance the brand’s technology throughout its continual expansion, both domestically and internationally.


Jessica Jacobson – Administrative Controller

Mrs. Jessica Shannon became our Administrative Controller in February 2015. Jessica brings over 18 years of experience in the administrative support capacity, with her first position held as Yeoman to the First Lieutenant aboard the USS Mt. Whitney while serving in the U.S. Navy. Jessica was awarded this coveted position after working hard aboard the ship and being noticed for her leadership skills. Jessica also brings 8 years of strong finance and payroll experience. In her previous position, Jessica managed a 10 million dollar budget along with a large accounting department and processed payroll for over 150 employees.


Christine Holste – Creative Design and Marketing Manager

Ms. Christine Holste was appointed Creative Design and Marketing Manager in May 2015. Ms. Holste previous position as Senior Packing and Design Manager with Just Play Products, where she supervised all aspects of the art team and creative department. In collaboration with product designers and brand managers, Ms. Holste led her department in the development and design of compelling advertising, trade show graphics, product displays and award-winning retail packaging for positioning in every major mass retailer throughout North America. Prior to working at Just Play, Ms. Holste was Creative Director at Brandberry, a full-service licensing agency specializing in creating, building and licensing brands. During that time, she managed multiple on-site design teams located within various client offices in South Florida that specialized in the creation of marketing collateral, style guides, retail packaging and overall brand awareness. Ms. Holste has an extensive background in photography, graphic design, art direction and marketing within various consumer product industries including office supplies, consumer electronics, food and beverage, cosmetics and architectural lighting.

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