Locally known as the Brak, the Brackenridge Park is the biggest park in San Antonio. It has 343 acres of land with so many amenities and other attractions on its grounds. There are also other attractions located just close to the park making it one of the most eventful and activity filled parks in San Antonio.

A visit to Brackenridge Park is fun for the entire family. You can visit the park when you want an eventful and memorable day or when you just want to relax and take in the serene atmosphere.

Brackenridge Park was founded in 1899 and is believed to have been a gathering place for people even during the prehistoric times. The land for the park was donated in the 1800s to the city by George Washington Brackenridge.

He first donated 199 acres to the park and later added on the other acreage together with Emma Koehler. Being a very iconic and valued park in San Antonio and the entire United States a conservancy was incorporated in 2008 to help preserve the park.

Top Sites and Things to do

San Antonio Zoo

It is located on the Northwest corner of the park. The zoo is home to so many wild animals and presents a great place for interaction with wildlife. It is a great place to visit for the entire family.

There are many experiences to keep everyone happy like giraffe feeding, zootennial carousel, butterfly and caterpillar flight school, zoo train and others. The zoo has 750 species of animals on 56 acres of land, 34 of which are public pathways.

Sunken Garden Theater

The garden is known for its natural acoustic features and it was made from abandoned quarry land on the park after mining stopped. The theater was completed in 1930.

Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is also located on former quarry land. It is an oriental-style botanical garden containing many species of plants and flowers. There is also a restaurant where soft drinks and food is served.

The water features, stone bridges, a waterfall and other features of the park make it a beautiful gateway garden for when you want to relax. Other sites to visit in Brackenridge park include the Lambert beach, Brackenridge park golf course, The Skipper Martinez Ball Fields, San Antonio River and Witte Museum.

The park is therefore full of activities to do. You could decide to come to the park for jogging it has designated jogging trails. If you love to ride your bike then you can also use the park’s trails to ride your bike and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

The park is also home to lots of birds and ducks making it an ideal spot for bird watching. With the zoo on the grounds of the park you can make a day out of engaging with wildlife.

Do you love fishing? No problem. The Brackenridge Park allows for public fishing. It is a great place to hold a picnic as a family or with a loved one. For those looking to host events at the park, there are several amenities that you can rent for events.

There is so much to see and do at Brackenridge Park that a single day visit cannot accomplish. Why not visit the park on different occasions to enjoy different sites and varied activities?

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