There is a place of wonders where people can find almost everything they need. It is called Morgan’s Wonderland. The site even ensures that people with disabilities are having fun. There are no economic barriers at the Morgan’s. Admission is free for guests who have special needs. Those who accompany them pay nominal fees.

Morgan’s Wonderland is a non-profit theme park that rests on a 25-acre piece of land in San Antonio, Texas. The $34 million recreational center features at least 25 attractions including playgrounds, gardens, rides, a catch-and-release fishing lake, and more. It also features a special event center and an amphitheater.

Brief History

Gordon Hartman, a former San Antonio home-builder, opened Morgan’s Wonderland in 2010. This was as a result of an incident that inspired him years earlier when he was with his daughter Morgan on a vacation. The main reason for beginning it was to help people with special needs have equal access to social amenities.

Top Sites and Things to Do

The perfect place to have a ride is Morgan’s Wonderland. Whether it is a simple mount on the carousel or an Off-Road Adventure to test driving skills, it could be great fun. Especially, a ride on the Whirling Wonder could be an unforgettable experience. It allows one to have a panoramic view of the park from a five and a half storey-tall gondola.

Not a fan of rides? There is more that Morgan’s offers. At The Wharf, visitors are able to test their fishing skills by catching either bass or catfish and releasing them back to the lake. Also, they can control their pirate ships using remotes. It is fit for both kids and adults.
Morgan’s Wonderland is also an excellent site for picnics of every kind. Families, friends, and colleagues gather here every year to have fun. The site’s expansive playground is suitable for big crowds and all types of activities. To make things better, picnickers are free to carry their own snacks or buy at the premise.

Morgan’s appreciates talents, so guests can enjoy live entertainment. It features live-action stage, street, and interactive performances on selected days of the week. The entertainment celebrates and demonstrates inclusion. For instance, at the heart of the Wonder Squad is Morgan who can inspire feelings of love and healing.

Would like to escape the summer heat? The Morgan’s inspirational Island provides fun and at the same time cools guests. It’s an ultra-accessible park of its own kind in the world. Here, family members can splash and play together in the water to cool off. Warm water is also available at Rainbow Reef.

When it comes to birthdays, everyone wants the best for their children. Choosing to enjoy a child’s birthday at Morgan’s Wonderland is never a disappointment. Whether at the Torguta Bay, Main Street, or Lakeside pavilions, their packages are complete with interactive park adventures and hands-on activities.


As the name suggests, Morgan’s Wonderland is a place to experience wonders. Whichever the reason that takes guests there, they leave fulfilled and with great joy. This is where creativity and innovation meet the needs of every age and physical ability. People can enjoy all these with minimal or no fees at all.

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