Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a dream come true for those who have ever desired to tour Africa, but haven’t been able to do so. People can travel through 450 acres of this Texas ranchland from the comfort of their vehicles. Here, visitors can see 500 native, exotic, and endangered animals. They can also see creek beds, rolling hills, and oak trees.

The safari park is located on the northern part of San Antonio, near the Natural Bridge Caverns. Some of the animals here include the zebra, gazelle, wildebeest, African buffalo, llama, emu, ostrich, fallow deer, Watusi cattle, blue bull, and greater kudu. It does not have elephants and predators.

Brief History

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch was opened on June 1, 1984. Since then, it has been taking care of animals from across the globe. Now, it has over 40 species. In May 2013, twin giraffes were born at the Ranch. They are the only living sets of the animal in the United States. Their birth moved the management allow visitors to come closer to giraffes.

Top Sites and Things to Do

Like feeding wild animals? Love viewing them from a close distance? Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is the perfect place for this. At the gate, the management gives a ticket to every visitor that is inclusive of a bag of food for the animals. People are at liberty to purchase more bags, though one is usually enough.

The instructions are that visitors should throw the food pellets on the ground for animals to eat while in the car. This is to avoid accidents. The most thrilling thing is to see zebras, llamas, and ostriches moving towards the road and up to the passengers’ cars. They just know what vehicles bring: food.

Those who love pictures have a perfect place at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It would be even more exciting to take photos with the wild. How beautiful it is to keep an album that has memories of people with their children feeding fallow deers! Whether from a distance or near, on mobile phones or digital cameras, the choice is up to the visitor.

That is not all. One of the must-see places is an exhibit area that has small caged animals. After getting satisfied or tired of driving through the park, one may want to take a walk around and just relax. There are adorable squirrel monkeys there that can take away one’s breath.

Worried about an empty stomach after a long journey through the park? No need to. The Ranch has an excellent restaurant with delicious meals that they offer at affordable prices. The price of mouthwatering pizza, chicken sandwich, and adult grilled cheese is less than that of many entertainment venues.

Children love pets and so do some adults. Those who have kids may make them happy at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. The petting zoo at this park features animals that are gentle on children. They love pats too. The moment they see people, they move closer.


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a place to be for animal lovers. The numerous types of wild species that are here from across the world make it an attractive park to all types of people. More importantly, since visitors can interact with animals freely at close range, the experience is breathtaking and more real.

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