Our Lady of the Lake University abbreviated as OLLU is located in San Antonio. It is a private Catholic university with a rich history and excellent academic performance. The school is home to the oldest school of social work in Texas called the Worden School of Social Service.

The school offers undergraduate, Masters and doctoral programs. The core values represented at OLLU are based on service, integrity, community and trust. The college has two other campuses in Houston and Rio Grande Valley.

OLLU was founded in 1895 by the sisters of the congregation of divine Providence, which still continues as the sponsoring organization of the university. Construction of the university began the same year and by 1896 high School level programs had started. The first college program was started in 1911.

It started out with a two year curriculum which was later expanded to 4 years in 1919. Graduate studies at OLLU started in 1942. In 1927, the university was approved by the American Association of Universities. It was the third Texan school to be approved.

OLLU became the first Texan San Antonio institution of higher education accredited regionally in 1923. In recent years (2008), a fire broke out in the main building of the school which led to destruction of the roof and the fourth floor of the building. No major casualties however were reported.


The university although historic is an architectural beauty with various architectural beauties. The front of the university is often compared to “Disneyland Castle” due to the design and the facades. The main building is the centerpiece of it all. It was constructed in 1895 but was redone after the fire in 2008.

The renovation saw modernization of the building to acquire academic facility standards and enhance safety while maintaining the historic aesthetics and architectural style adopted in the 1800s. After this renovation the building earned a preservation Texan honor award.

Another architectural jewel at OLLU is the Sacred Heart Conventional Chapel. The building contains iconic spires, Italian marble altars and Germain stained glass windows that are a marvel today because they were created in the yester years. The building adopts a Victorian Gothic style and spans across the campus to the both sides.

Academic Programs

OLLU is considered a high quality education institution. The university has the highest percentage of classes with students less than 20 per class. This means that individualized training and tutoring can take place enhancing excellence. The students also mingle freely with their lecturers which also enhances their performance and they have role models to emulate.

The university offers 33 bachelor’s courses, 14 master’s programs and 2 doctoral programs. Further, the school boasts of having some of the most popular programs in the whole of San Antonio and even beyond. These include the Bachelors of Social Work and Masters of Social work offered in the university but the Worden School.

This program is so popular because it offers good opportunities for student internships which can eventually translate to employment. This opportunities are available because of the extensive network the school has with public and private social service agents in the area and beyond.

With the belief in Providence the university continues to offer excellent academic programs that give their students the confidence to face the world.

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