Located in Midtown San Antonio’s Brackenridge Park, San Antonio Zoo has 35 acres of land. Its accreditor is the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It boasts of 3,500 animals which translates to 750 species. No wonder, more than one million people visit this zoo annually.

A zoo is not as exciting without other types of attractions hooked up with animals. The San Antonio Zoo is not left behind in this. It features non-animal attractions. Such include a 2 feet narrow gauge train ride (Antonio Zoo Eagle) and carousels. The train is one of its own. It uses three locomotives from Chance Rides C.P.

Brief History

San Antonio Zoo started in 1914 as Brackenridge Park and Golf Course. The first animals there were bison, monkeys, deer, lions, and bears. Its cageless exhibits began in 1929, the Richard Freidrich Aquarium in 1948, and the Hixon Bird House in 1966. The zoo has also housed the endangered addra gazelle since 1969.

The zoo opened Phase I of Africa Live in 2007. It made it possible for visitors to view hippos, Nile crocodiles, and other small animals through underwater windows. Phase II began in 2010. It features Angolan colobus monkeys, African hunting dogs, okapi, rock hyrax, and a wide variety of bird species.

Top Sites and Things to Do

Kids enjoy traveling by train. They find it a great adventure. How about taking them through a park to see animals as they enjoy their journey? That would be joy upon joy. It’s something they would never forget all their life. Yes, San Antonio Zoo has a provision for such a ride.

Many people have only seen dinosaurs in Jurassic Park films. However, they may not understand how today’s wildlife is under threat. Well, at San Antonio Zoo, visitors can learn a lot about these animals and their extinction stories. The Zoorassic Park has a number of prehistoric creatures. Seeing them is an experience of a lifetime.

There is no excuse for not eating at the zoo. Along its paths, there are plenty of nice eating places. Visitors can always stop by and pick a snack and a drink or sit to eat. However, some people think that their food is expensive. After eating, there are many shady places to sit and relax.

Their breakfast is extremely good. It consists of eggs, pancakes, bacon, Starbucks coffee, fruit, and juice. Better still, visitors can choose whether to take breakfast with hippos or giraffes. This means that the management sets it up in a habitat of either animal as their trainer gives information about them. Visitors are free to ask questions too.

The San Antonio Zoo has an old-fashioned carousel which kids, as well as adults, can ride. All visitors need to do is purchase tickets. Also, there is an option of buying a Fun Day ticket which is best for kids. However, it goes at an extra cost. The ticket includes admission to the zoo, butterfly garden, train, and the carousel.

The sights and sounds of birds are always exciting. These wonderful creatures wake humans in the morning. At San Antonio Zoo, visitors have the opportunity to see a wide variety of birds. Some of them are not in the wild. This zoo is where they raise such birds and release them back into their original habitats.


People like to go to zoos where there is a wide variety of animals, birds, and other recreational activities. San Antonio Zoo has met these expectations. With over 750 species of animals and a beautiful train ride, one can only expect the annual visits of the zoo to soar higher and higher. This is a place to be.

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