Splashtown is a waterpark that sits on a 20 acres water masses in San Antonio, Texas. The water park hosts different attractions and rides that will leave any member of family amused. The park holds the title of the largest wave pool in the southern areas of Texas; thus giving its visitors an assurance of enjoyable memorable moments.

There are fun water games in the park that can be enjoyed by family members irrespective of their ages. It’s fun to get wet relaxing at the Paradise River or enjoying the rides available for all in a crew. The availability of volleyball courts in the park gives the visiting crew fun times interchanged between playing volleyball and water games.

Brief History

The Splashtown waterpark opened doors to its visitors in 1985 as Water Park USA. From the time the park was opened, it has been sold to three more management groups with the second owner being Wave Management from 1989 to 1991.

The park is currently being managed by Mr. Kinney who bought all shares from shareholders in the year 2006. Other owners of the park over the years are Chrismari Inc. of San Antonio who managed the park under different managements between the years 1991 and 2005.

Top Sites and Things to Do in Splashtown

The Splashtown won’t be any attractive were it not for the fun games in there. The park has a package for all ages in a visiting crew. The height of the rides, the depth of the water pools and the size of the play areas are well calculated to accommodate a certain age group.

Kid’s Kove

The incredible kid’s kove is an area designed to keep the younger kids engaged in the park. The games in this area are fun to be enjoyed by bigger kids and the little ones accompanied by their parents/guardians. There are slides, rides and other attractions suitable for the younger ones.

Wet ‘N’ Wild Jr, Tree House and Blue Lagoon Activity Pool are some of the sites children will have fun in the incredible kid’s kove.

Family Rides

At Splashtown, there are rides suitable for a family out there to have fun. Families on holidays, vacation or in celebration mood can check in at the park for a fulfilling moment. The heights of the rides are suitable for all ages and the pools big enough for a large group of people.

Big Kahuna, Zoom Flumes, Wild Wave Pool, Paradise River, Thunder Run, Stingray Racer and Runaway Rapids, are some of the areas designed to engage a crew of family members.

Thrill Rides

At Splashtown, crews seeking for a thriller experience have their needs looked into. The rides are made to be scarier, bigger and faster than the normal rides. some of the rides to accommodate thrill-seekers include; Big Spin, Wala Wala Falls, Texas Free Fall, Tornado, FlowRider, Starflight, Ripqurl and Brain Drain.


The Splashtown serves as an amusement park that will leave its visiting crew entertained and tired. The management knows that the visitors will be yearning for a food, drinks, snacks and any refreshment. There are various foods and beverage joints within the park to meet visitors’ needs.

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