St Philips College, based in San Antonio, Texas, prepares its students for the job market with technical programs and advanced academics as part of the learning process. The college is focused on the development and growth of San Antonio as one of its goals.

The institution has partnered with Medtronic and Toyota to give students the opportunity to work in their companies and gain hands-on experience. As a result, they contribute to San Antonio’s development.

Brief History

In 1898, a branch of Alamo Colleges District, a public community college, was founded and named St Philips College. The college’s main mission is to ensure the diverse population of students is empowered and prepared for their careers through educational achievement.

It also started as a church before being changed to a college, hence its religious name. St Philips College is yet to be declared a federal Hispanic-serving institution and historically black college

Campuses and Courses Offered

The college has seven subsidiary locations and two major campuses. Three miles away from Downtown and on the east side of San Antonio is where the main campus is located. Technical programs are offered in South West Campus, located on the south west of San Antonio. Some studies are offered at the Central Texas Technology Centre, local Military Installations, high schools and hospitals.

Applied Science and Technology, Health Professions, and Arts and Sciences are some of the major divisions in St Philips College. Many departments in the college release their students for rapid entry into the job market. The departments encourage students to enroll for the one year certificate courses that concentrate on one major subject.

Students who want to work in fields such as Manufacturing, Multi-Modal Transportation, Engineering Technology, Construction Trades, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Electrical and Power Transmission and Aircraft Technology, etc., should choose a course in the Applied Science and Technology departments.

Students can also learn online because St Philips College offers online programs. Online courses can be done at home, making them suitable for international students back in their home countries or those who do not want to attend classes.

Requirements for Enrolment

The College is open to students with a high school certification or those who have passed the General Educational Development tests. The college does not discriminate based on race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin or disability.

Requirements for online programs include easy access to the internet, basic or advance knowledge of computer skills and possession of an email ID. Online students are able to access and present assignments and exams can be done at their suitable schedules.

The college has an official website with all the information prospective students might seek. For more information about its admission requirements, check online on the college’s portal. Its contacts are also available on the website for more inquiries.


Apart from academics and education given to students, St Philips College teaches on life experiences and gives great advices through amazing lecturers. Students work hard and put the effort they need to succeed in their academics. The college provides all the necessary resources students require to excel.

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