Woodcrest Park is a fun park located in San Antonio, Texas. It has the modern fun loving person in mind as the renovations in the park are based on client’s reviews and expectations. The artificial turf covering the park gives the place a pretty green look that everyone would love to experience.

There are enough play areas for all age groups to enjoy. Kids can have a fun time running in the park and every parent/guardian would love to visit the fitness area. There are two playscapes that are suitable for the children with the older kids playscape made different from the younger ones.

Brief History

The Woodcrest Park is a recreational park which has seen a lot of renovations to suit needs of all age groups. The parks last major renovations were done in the year 2003 and since then only the minor landscaping works have been in progress.

By 2017, the park’s management had planned to improve the park to suit its guests. Picnic tables, new sidewalk, enhanced paving, new trees, new restrooms, a fitness area, new play equipment, a gazebo, bench seating and other improvements were all done.

Top Sites and Things to Do in Woodcrest Park


The park has a designed area for all guests looking into fitness activities. The area is big to accommodate many people and there are a number of modern equipment suitable for fitness clubs. The types of equipment are designed to suit men, women and the young adults.

The idea of coming up with a fitness area is to keep parents/guardians engaged as they wait on their young ones. Apart from the waiting groups, there are individuals who walk into the park specifically to meet their fitness targets.

Kid’s playscape

At Woodcrest Park, children of all ages can have a memorable time playing in the designated playscapes. The younger children have special plays that they enjoy more than their older counterparts. Whereas older children may enjoy high swings, the younger ones may find them risky and opt to go for the bouncing castles.

The kids play areas are well shaded to shield them from the hot sun on a summer afternoon. Apart from the plays, children can enjoy watching the deer, doves, lizards, rabbits and the birds,


The Woodcrest is a home for those who derive fun from walking, hiking, and cycling. There are well-designed trails in the woods for these activities. The availability of shades and trees along the paths make these outdoor activities fun even on a hot summer afternoon.

A family or a crew can enjoy walking, running or cycling along the paths as they watch the birds perching on trees. The green view of the well-maintained trees with the marked paths is just the perfect moment for the hikers who enjoy taking good photos to share with their friends.


The Woodcrest Park is just a place to be when looking forward to having a good time with family or friends. Experience the beauty of the well-maintained park as you watch birds and other animals.

Guests are well taken care of as there are well-maintained bathrooms enough for all visitors. Picnic tables along the paths will ensure the guests get a comfortable rest and/or enjoy a snack. Woodcrest can be described as a peaceful, lovely and beautiful place for all to enjoy.

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