The Friedrich Wilderness Park is named after Noma Friedrich. She contributed the first piece of land 190 acres big and gave $100,000 to start the park. The park is 500 acres big and is home to some of the most remote and difficult hiking trails in San Antonio.

The park is also the home to two species of birds that are considered endangered. There are many tree species, shrubs and terrestrial orchids in the park. It is also home to many hills making it a great outdoor adventure park.

Friedrich Wilderness Park was started back in 1971 with the land donated by Friedrich, the money she gave and a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. More land was later donated by Wilbur Matthews and Glen Martin. The park was dedicated in 1978.

Top Sites and Things to do

Bird Watching

The Friedrich Wilderness Park is best known for bird watching. It is a bird watching paradise with so many species of birds and rare birds. It is also a nesting site for a couple of endangered bird species: the Golden Cheeked Warbler and the Black Capped Vireo.

It was the dream of the founder of the park Noma Friedrich that the native birds and wildlife in the area would take sanctuary in the park and so far this has been achieved.


The park is home to 10 miles of hiking trails that are of different difficulty levels to challenge even those enthusiast hikers. The trails at the park are remote trails. The Friedrich wilderness park has many steep hills and deep canyons which make hiking the trails a delight.

There are also handicapped accessible trails in the park to include even those that are handicapped in one way or the other. Hiking enthusiasts like to hike the highest hill which is 87m high.

The trails to take are; the flat and paved trail, inclined and paved trail, dirt but flat trail and the most remote trail that is dirt with many inclines and declines. You can choose which trail best suits you for hiking, walking or jogging.

Site Seeing

The park presents a great adventure for those that just want to take a stroll and take in the sites. The area is all green and everything is in natural order. The trails can even get muddy when it rains causing some to be closed down. If like appreciating and taking in nature then you will love being in this park.

The views from the hills are also breathtaking if you make it to the top. You can see tips of skyscrapers from downtown San Antonio from the peak of the highest hill.

Jogging or Working Out

The park is also a delight for those that love to stay fit through jogging and other workouts that can be performed outdoors. The area is spacious and joggers are well spaced from each other. You can enjoy a workout here in the outdoor whilst breathing in fresh air and watching the birds fly by.

The Friedrich Wilderness Park is a great getaway from the hustle of the city for San Antonio residents and visitors to the city. The park is clean and the remoteness of the park is highly maintained.