Looking for a place with shaded walkways, lush year-round garden, stone bridges, and extremely high waterfall area? Japanese Tea Garden accurately fits the description. This $1.5 million project can stun almost anyone who visits there. One more great advantage is that wheelchairs can access the facility.

The Japanese Tea Garden is located in Brackenridge Park, only a few minutes drive from downtown San Antonio, Texas. It features rental areas that are ideal for corporate gatherings, memorial services, and weddings. There is also a cafe on site. The San Antonio Parks Foundation and the City of Antonio operate the garden.

Brief History

The history of the Japanese Tea Garden dates back to the late 19th century. At that time, San Antonio Water Works Company’s president, George W. Brackenridge donated about 200 acres of land to the city. This was to facilitate the building of a public park. The park was officially opened in 1901.

The garden has undergone several transformations over the decades. In 2007, the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department took the initiative to rehabilitate the facility. It closed down the Japanese Tea Garden until March 2008, when it completed the exercise. Many people who share in the garden’s history attended the reopening ceremony.

Top Sites and Things to Do

Events like weddings should be memorable. After all, occasions may only happen once in the lifetime of a person. At the Jingu House in the Japanese Tea Garden, there is a perfect place for any kind of wedding. Every venue is unique and fits all budget needs. A small fee could enable couples to enjoy their day to the fullest.

For those who expect 15 guests at their wedding, the waterfall and the lower garden venue is ideal. With a smaller budget, they can secure a 1-hour reservation. However, those who expect up to 50 witnesses should opt for the pavilion in the upper garden. This is more elaborate with great chair packages. Sunday to Thursday is cheaper.

Would like to host a social or corporate event? Then the Lambert Room might just be the best choice. Whether it is a baby or bridal shower, a luncheon, a tea party, a birthday, a graduation, or a social club meeting, Lambert can handle it according to the host’s wishes.

Love taking photos? Admission to Japanese Tea Garden is absolutely free. The public can access the place from dusk to dawn. The management does not restrict taking personal photos. So why not take family members there for a breathtaking shoot? Whether at the waterfall or the beautiful gardens, no one can take enough pictures here.

The Zoo area of this facility is ideal for those who love strolling. The gardens there promise to relax those who walk around them. Just a 20-minute to stroll through the area can allow visitors to view a small waterfall, koi fish, and the beautiful vegetation surrounding the Zoo.

When it comes to community events, the Japanese Tea Garden does not lag behind. Throughout the year, the Jingu House hosts yoga classes and morning meditation. They also have Fall and Spring concerts in series of Jazz In The Garden. It is always fun to be at the garden.


Time and again, there’s a need to go somewhere that is relaxing to accomplish some things or to just get rest from work. Whether it is a business meeting, a special event, or a stroll, the Japanese Tea Gardens could be the solution. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to get what one wants with minimal or no spending here.

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