McAllister Park is one of the biggest if not the biggest park in San Antonio at 976 acres. The park was originally known as the Northeast Preserve because of its location on the North side of San Antonio. The park is a hub of outdoor activities with many hiking, biking and walking trails for visitors to enjoy.

It is also a dog friendly park with a dog park on site. The park is a great way for residents and visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

McAllister Park was started in 1964 after the original park land of 713 acres was purchased and developed using Bond Funds and a grant from Federal Open Space. It was however officially opened in 1968 after the initial developments were completed.

The developments included 4 miles of trail, 125 picnic units, restrooms and parking areas. 117 acres of land were added to the park in 1974 and the remaining 130 acres were added in the year 2000.

Top Sites and Things to do

Dog Park

The McAllister Park is home to a 1.5 acre dog park. It was opened in March of 2007. The Dog Park features a picnic area, benches to watch the dogs from, a trail to walk with your dog if you want and training equipment for the dogs. Here you can be sure that you will have a great bonding time with man’s best friend.


The McAllister Park is home to many playscapes where children can engage in play. The playscapes are well made and have equipment to make playing fun for the children.

Hike, Ride or Walk

If you love hiking, the McAllister Park has different hiking trails. Some are paved while others are natural dirt and rock. The entire hiking trails are 10 miles long giving you a superb long hike while enjoying being in the wilderness.

Almost the entire park is covered by trees so you are well protected from the sun as you hike. The hiking trails are also very good for biking. If you want to just take a stroll you can do that on the asphalt paved trails that are about 1.7 miles long.

The trails are also very well marked with the blue trail being the longest at 6.5 miles. The red trail follows at 2 miles and the asphalt trail and natural trails follow.

Cross Workouts

If you love doing cross workouts then you will enjoy being at McAllister Park. The park also offers free workout classes from 9 am every Saturday. You may also just do your own workout. Ensure to have the right kind of shoes for running, jogging or exercising in the outdoors.

The park has four pavilions that can be rented for events. There is a variety of wildlife available in the park like birds. Also, you must see deer grazing in the park. The park is a great place for a family picnic and a family day out. It is family friendly and clean. The restrooms are spread out along the trails for convenience.

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