O.P. Schnabel Park is set on 202 acres of land located along Bandera Road which is why it was formerly known as Bandera Road Park. It is a small park that provides a place where San Antonio residents and visitors can engage in a lot of activities.

The park is home to some YMCA buildings meaning you can join the YMCA there. The park is also dubbed the cleanest little park in Texas. The land for the park was purchased by the city in 1964. The name of the park was changed to O.P. Schnabel Park in 1977 to honor O.P. Schnabel for his cleaning efforts in the park and the whole San Antonio.

He was known for starting clean up campaigns and encouraging people to keep the environment clean using catchy phrases like “nice people don’t litter” and many others.

Top Sites and Things To Do

Hiking, Cycling or Walking

The O.P. Schnabel Park is known for its many trails. Most of the trails are paved but there are some that are dirt and rock. The place is therefore very suitable for hiking, cycling or just taking long walks. The trails are 4.5 miles long and traverse the area in the woods and other parts of the park very well so you are under nature when hiking.

Most of the paths are paved and flat, making the area also suitable for wheelchair use. Therefore, it’s a nice park for persons with special needs. The paths are also wide enough for many people to use at the same time making the activities fun.


There are very nice picnic spots in O.P. Schnabel Park. Here you can have a picnic as deer pass by or graze very close to you. The deers here are very friendly to the people. The picnic spots are not so many so it is recommended that you book early.

Skate Boarding

Although some of the paths are beaten and worn out, there are still some very good paths where you can enjoy skate boarding. The paths are wide and therefore it is unlikely to collide with others that are maybe biking or cycling.

Play at The Sports Grounds

The park is also home to cushioned play grounds where the kids can enjoy playing without fear of getting hurt. They also have a basketball court, baseball and soccer fields for all people to enjoy playing at the park.

Site Seeing

The park is full of oak trees and other types of trees, mountain laurels, shrubs and other vegetation. There are also different varieties of birds, tortoise and human friendly deers. If you just want a place where you can soak up natural scenes then O.P. Schnabel Park provides just that.

The park is small, hence you can visit almost all the parts whenever you want to relax your mind. There are two pavilions for rental available at the park. Although this park is small it has really improved the quality of life of the people who come here for outdoor recreational activities and to find rest.

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