San Pedro Spring Park is the second oldest park in the United States after Boston Common which dates back to 1630. The park is also the original site of San Antonio city. The park is small at only 46 acres but it is one with a very rich history as it has served as so many things including a training camp for soldiers and prisoner of war camp.

The park is a designated historic landmark in the city of Texas since 1965. The area surrounding the springs at the park was declared public land back in 1729 by the king so that they could benefit all the settlers in the area.

The San Pedro Spring Park’s boundaries were defined in 1851 but it was officially declared a public park in 1852. In 1864 the land was redesigned by a Swiss landscape designer called John J Duerler. In his designs he included a garden, zoo, racetracks, aviary, pavilion and picnic areas.

The Museum of Natural History in the park was opened in 1885 by Gustave Jermy a naturalist. The park has ever since undergone so many renovations with the latest one being in 1999. This is after the springs in the park were replenished by heavy rainfall falling in the 1990s.

Top Sites and Things To Do

Swimming Pool

The San Pedro Spring Park has a huge pool that is supplied water by the springs. The pool was first built in 1922 but it was later demolished and rebuilt during the works done on the park from 1997 to 1999. The pool is big so it can accommodate many people comfortably. It offers a good way of cooling off when it is hot by swimming in the warm spring waters.

Tennis Courts

The park has tennis courts where you can enjoy a game of tennis. The courts were constructed during the renovation works of 1997. They occupied the space where the zoo used to be. Playing tennis is a great way to bond with friends and family at the park.


If you are into skating, you are not left out at San Pedro Spring Park because they have a well-built skate plaza.


If you love softball then you can also enjoy playing the game at the softball courts. The San Pedro Spring Park is really designed to ensure that you enjoy yourself fully and release all the tension of everyday life by engaging in these different games.

San Pedro Library

The library was opened in 1930 as the first library built in a park. It was also the first library branch in San Antonio. The building was renovated in 2007 to what it is today.

The library provides approximately 26,000 volumes serving the people materials about the local history and San Antonio. For those who are residents this library is a great resource to learn of the history of San Antonio in details.

The San Pedro Spring Park is one of the parks in San Antonio and Texas with a very rich history. There are so many activities here to engage in for fun and a lot to learn. A visit here brings you together with other people since the park is not that big encouraging socialization.

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