Audio & Video to End Summer Right

August 20, 2012

Recently, one of our Tint World installers mounted a Kenwood KVT-516 Upgrade onto a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which you can see here. The DVD entertainment system does more than just play movies—it’s also navigation, Bluetooth, and HD Radio ready—with the modern feature of a touchscreen interface. Audio and Video has become a major market in the automotive industry, changing what is now the norm in most vehicles—an entire entertainment system on the go. Tint World provides the best brands and products when it comes to the latest systems in Car Audio and Video with expert technicians on hand to install those products in your vehicle.
Summer is almost over, did you take that road trip yet? Make sure your kids don’t get too antsy when it comes to hours of driving on the open road. With an entertainment unit fitted on the back of a couple headrests (because you know, kids often don’t like to share) they’ll be so wrapped in their program, driving to your destination is just the beginning of your relaxation time.
Or maybe you’re headed to Las Vegas with your friends, get the party started on the road while you rock out with the latest audio systems that will make you fist pump all the way to the Strip. Tint World offers car stereo upgrades, speakers, and other electronics so you can listen to your favorite jams like never before—stream internet radio or set your own soundtrack with your MP3 player on deck.
Whether you’re headed to grandma’s house or MGM’s Grand Hotel, get there with ease. Printing out directions is so 2000 and with a navigation system on hand, there’s no way you’ll get lost! You’ll know exactly where you are and where you’re going, so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, take a detour and just enjoy the drive. And if that pesky question, ‘Are we there yet?’ ever comes up, just point to the screen.
Video, audio, and more all in one product. Upgrade your car stereo system into the entertainment unit you’ve always wanted. Make sure to visit your local Tint World and check out all the audio and video systems before that one last hoorah this summer.

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