Auto Reconditioning Checklist – Part 2

September 13, 2012

As mentioned in the previous post, Auto Reconditioning Checklist – Part 1, accidents happen and the goal of auto reconditioning is to get your vehicle back to like-new condition. It’s important to keep your vehicle aesthetically appealing, especially when you’re trying to maintain its’ market value. That’s why other auto reconditioning services at Tint World like Scratch Removal, Paint Touch-Up & Chip Repair, and Spray Paint Blending are great cost-effective options that restore your vehicle to like-new condition.


Scratch Removal
Minor scratches may be just that, minor, but they sure can be annoying to look at. Tint World carries the latest technology when it comes to buffing pads and scratch removal products. The process is quick and easy and will result in a mirror-like finish to your vehicles’ surface while removing not only scratches but acid rain, fall-out etching and clear coat scratches as well.


Paint Touch-Up & Chip Repair
If the existing damage is too deep for our scratch removal services, Paint Touch-Up & Chip Repair is the next best option. Paint Touch-Up sounds  like exactly what it is, our technicians will touch up spots on your vehicle—damage from chips, nicks, scratches, and rust. Rather than taking in your vehicle to a conventional body shop for a pricy repainting job, Paint Touch-Up conceals those small damages by using paint that matches the color of your vehicle.

Spray Paint Blending
Scratch Removal and Paint Touch-Up & Chip Repair services from Tint World have you covered when it comes to small damages, but what about large paint chips or larger damaged paint areas? That’s where Spray Paint Blending comes in. Spray Paint Blending seamlessly matches new paint to your vehicles color producing perfect results in the paint finish. Entire panels can be repainted and will cost far less than replacing the damaged panel itself.


Windshield Repair
Auto reconditioning isn’t just about aesthetics when it comes to repair, it’s also about protection and prevention from more damage. Tint World’s Windshield Repair services are a much faster and cheaper alternative than replacing a windshield. The key to windshield repair is the structural integrity it adds to the windshield. The repair will add resilience to the glass that prevents the cracks on the glass from spreading, essentially saving the windshield from even worse damage when untreated.