Auto Reconditioning to Bring Your Car Back From the Grave

October 11, 2013

In a perfect world, your car would be impeccably clean, with no dents, no cracks in your windshield, and no tears in your seats. Unfortunately, the reality is that your car goes through a lot of wear and tear. Luckily, Tint World® has everything you need to turn a car that looks like a prop from the latest zombie thriller, back to showroom condition. Auto reconditioning refers to a wide variety of interior and exterior services that can restore the look of your vehicle. Tint World® offers everything you need to bring your vehicle back from the grave this Halloween season. After all, your car shouldn’t be a part of your spooky Halloween decorations. The good news is that most auto reconditioning services can be repaired in just a few hours!
Interior Repair
Everything from cigarette burns to tears in your vehicle’s interiors can be repaired by a Tint World® technician. Repairs can be made to leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet, and plastic. Interior damage may seem irreversible, but Tint World® can turn back the clock and restore the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior.
Paintless Dent Repair
Between crowded parked lots and rogue shopping carts, small dents and dings are unavoidable. Tint World® paintless dent repair professionals can make small unsightly dents undetectable, and save you from costly body shop repairs.
Paint Touch Up
The dents may be repaired, but there may also be scuffs and scratches to your paint job. Instead of putting a dent in you wallet with a whole new paint job, Tint World® can touch up paint scuffs on your car’s exterior. With our advanced color matching technology, you won’t even be able to tell that the damage was ever there.
Windshield Repair
Windshield cracks caused by rocks and flying debris can be repaired right here at Tint World®. Replacing your entire windshield can be a huge pain, not to mention costly. Instead of paying for your entire windshield to be replaced, you can stop by your convenient Tint World® location and have it repaired in an afternoon.
Wheel Repair
Curb rash and debris on the road can leave unsightly dings, dents, chips, and scratches on your wheels and rims. Luckily, Tint World® wheel repair technicians can buff out any cosmetic damage and get your wheels shinning like new again.
Headlight Restoration
Over time and prolonged sun exposure, headlights become fogged and discolored. Tint World® headlight restoration technicians can bring your headlights back to like-new condition, and protect them from further U.V. damage.
For more information on Tint World® auto recondition services, contact your local Tint World® location today.