Automotive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Style Mom’s Ride at Tint World

April 30, 2012

Remember when you were little and your Mom would drive you everywhere? Most kids have spent a lot of time driving with Mom, and as well as we like to think we behaved, you can bet you probably made some of her drives miserable. Show her you care by getting Mom some vehicle upgrades that will make her daily drives a little more enjoyable.
Just in time for Mom’s Day, Tint World® is offering some big discounts for our some of the best automotive gifts for Mom. What better way to surprise her than by upgrading her ride with a new stereo, safety features, or a complete detail. Read on to see our top automotive gift ideas for Mom.

Backup Sensors and Cameras

Did mom ever unexpectedly back over any toys because you didn’t get them out of the driveway like she asked? We lost a lot of good (plastic) men out there, but the senseless destruction of tricycles and action figures before their time could have been prevented if only Mom had a backup sensor that alerted her of objects that might not be visible from the rear view mirror. Tint World® can quickly install backup sensors and video displays so Mom doesn’t have to worry about hitting anything (or anybody) when she shifts into reverse.

Stereo and Audio Upgrades

The amount of Raffi songs you demanded on road trips may have been enough to drive a normal person to insanity, but Mom always played it cool and let you choose the playlist. Now that you have your own wheels, she can finally take back control of the radio knob. Show your appreciation by surprising her with a new audio system that lets her stream internet radio, integrate iPod and MP3 players so she can finally listen to her own tunes.

Interior Detailing

They say don’t cry over spilt milk, but when it’s in the backseat of Mom’s car that’s a different story. Food and beverages penetrate deep into interior fabrics, but our hot water extractors can remove smells and contaminants from the days you were tossing Cheerios in your car seat. What better way to say you’re sorry for wreaking havoc in Mom’s ride than to take her car to Tint World® for a complete interior detail that will restore fabrics and materials for a like-new look, feel, and smell.

Tint World® Mother’s Day Sale

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