Commercial window tinting from Tint World® can save skin, products and money

May 2, 2017

Tint World® doesn’t just offer tints for car windows – far from it. We offer a range of home and commercial window solar film options that can protect your skin, merchandise, furniture, and electronics – all while keeping your utility costs down.

Protect your employees

Harmful UV rays from the sun can penetrate traditional, clear window glass, increasing the potential for skin cancer among your employees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports “significant” increases in melanoma among all age groups, genders, and races over the past two years. Nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer annually in the U.S. One of the main factors is sun exposure, and traditional glass doesn’t block the most damaging spectrum: ultraviolet A waves.

Obviously, it’s not practical for your employees to be perpetually decked out in hats and sunglasses and slathered in sunscreen, but that office with a view can come with a price: premature skin aging and possible skin cancer.

Professionally installed office window tinting can block nearly 100-percent of the most harmful UV rays.

Protect your merchandise and furnishings

The sun’s penetrating rays don’t just damage skin, they can wreak havoc on your merchandise, especially shortening the shelf-life of clothing and perishable goods. The quality of milk, for instance, deteriorates after just a few moments of sun exposure. The harmful rays can also reduce the lifespan of wood floorings and wood furniture, and rapidly fade, fabric upholstery and curtains.

All the lacquer and shellac in the world can’t protect your office contents from the unforgiving power of old Sol – but Tint World® can.

Depending on the level of tint you want, it can also protect your merchandise or office contents from prying eyes after your business closes for the day.

Protect your bottom line

Reflecting and deflecting solar rays from your office offers obvious utility savings in the summer. But while the reflective properties of our window tints merit a lot of mention, our tints can save you money in the winter by helping retain interior heat.

These energy-saving measures – both in winter and in summer – mean you or your business could qualify for rebates through local, state and federal energy-conservation programs, reaping immediate turns on your investment. Here’s a resource to see if you qualify.

Consult your nearest Tint World® franchise today for more information on the benefits of commercial and office window tinting.