Computer-Cut Window Tinting

September 18, 2013

You’re probably already familiar with the many benefits of tinting your car windows (protection from harmful UV rays, increased privacy to deter theft, and cool custom look), but you might not be familiar with the different installation techniques.
While many window tinting installation facilities choose to install window tint by hand-cutting the film, at Tint World® we offer advanced computer-cut window tinting. The benefits of the computer-cut method far outweigh the benefits of hand cutting and we strive to give our customers the best experience possible.
The process of installing window tint by hand consists of the installer placing the film on your windows, and then cutting around the film to fit the shape of your windows. When in installer uses the computer-cut method, a machine called a plotter cuts the material according to a template that will match the exact year, make, and model of your vehicle. Once the plotter cuts the material, the installer peels away the excess film and applies the tint.
The use of a computer and a plotter means that the window film will be an exact fit every time. So whether you get you get your windows tinted tomorrow, or years from now, you can count on the fit being exact and consistent.
Since the window film is cut by a computer and plotter, there is no hand-cutting happening on the glass. When the installer takes a knife to your glass, there is always going to be the risk of damage. The computer-cut method not only ensures a cleaner look, but also avoids risk of damage to your window or rubber trim.
Computer-cut window tinting can also be much faster for technicians to complete. While the computer is cutting the window tint, the installer can be cleaning and prepping the windows for installation. Allowing the installers to multi-task means that the job can be completed quicker than one that was completed with the hand-cut method, and you can be on your way faster with your new tinted windows.
Contact your local Tint World® today for more information on computer-cut window tinting or for a free estimate. Tint World® has a wide variety of window tinting packages for every need and budget so make Tint World® your window film and tinting headquarters for your car, truck, van, SUV, or RV.