New Automotive Technologies for 2017

December 6, 2016

As we head into the last month of 2016, the New Year is filled with possibilities for everyone, including the new types of features available for vehicles in the coming year. With the wide array of automotive services that are about to become available, you can find exactly what you need to update your ride with the latest automotive technologies at your local Tint World® location. 

The wide array of new automotive products and features that are due to be on the market include:

Cameras and Sensors: While many vehicles offer cameras and sensors for backing up, new features that will be coming to the automotive world wide-angle rearview mirrors that allow for a more panoramic view of areas behind your vehicle, while others are adding even more avoidance sensors to assist with lane departures and other road obstacles.

Entertainment Systems: Entertainment systems in vehicles are extending far beyond video players for long trips; newer systems include game apps, Wi-Fi connectivity and even the streaming of live TV via third-party platforms that integrate with phones and other devices.

Safety Systems: While the number of sensors that are available on vehicles continues to grow, adding active avoidance systems and auto braking functions are becoming available on more vehicles in 2017. In addition, new technology is allowing vehicle manufacturers to incorporate additional safety features related to helping drivers stay in their lanes, low-speed braking functions to avoid collisions and speed related warning systems that can assist in keeping your vehicle in line with the speeds of other drivers on the road.

As new automotive features become available on the next generations of cars that hit the market, you will be able to use the capabilities of these next-gen vehicles to stay safer and drive more efficiently. If your ride needs an upgrade to take advantage of the latest automotive technologies or to learn more about the wide range of automotive services that Tint World® has to offer, contact your local Tint World® today!