On Surf or Turf, Nano Ceramic Coating Protects Your Powersports Vehicles

October 14, 2020

We get it, you love your toys. Whether you enjoy getting out on the roads, the trails or the open water, you know your vehicle is going to take a beating. But you still want it looking pristine. Luckily, Tint World® has a solution. Nano Ceramic Coating can shield any surface on your vehicle to protect it from dirt, dust, scratches, corrosion and more. Here’s how this high-tech treatment can shield all the recreational vehicles in your life.


You wouldn’t spend a day on the water without wearing sunscreen. But did you know that your boat’s surfaces need protection, too? Prolonged exposure to the sun and the water, whether saltwater or freshwater, can make your boat’s surfaces age even faster than your skin. Nano Ceramic Coating is hydrophobic, and it blocks UV rays from your boat, too. It can be applied to all of your boat’s surfaces, including glass and upholstery, and it makes your boat a breeze to clean.


Your bike has so many types of surfaces, all exposed to the elements and random road debris. Nano Ceramic Coating is the best choice for protecting all those surfaces from anything the road can dish out.

ATVs and UTVs

Of all the recreational vehicles, ATVs and UTVs probably take the most punishment. Mud, dust, water, rocks, tree branches and more are ready to put a hurting on your vehicle’s finish. But Nano Ceramic Coating can protect all the surfaces on your off-road vehicle, plus ensure fast, easy cleanup. But wait, did you know that Nano Ceramic Coating can be applied to much more than your vehicles? RV upholstery, helmets and even firearms can benefit from this amazing substance. For more information about Nano Ceramic Coating, just contact your local Tint World® today!