Protect High-Contact Vehicle Surfaces With Tint World® Automotive Paint Protection Film

March 15, 2023

We all love our vehicles. But that’s not enough to protect them from the damage we unintentionally do every day.

The surfaces we touch most frequently take a lot of abuse. Take a look at the area around your exterior door handles and trunk entry and you’ll see the dings, dents, chips, and scrapes that result from contact with keys and key rings, jewelry, bag handles, and other objects. You might even see or feel accumulated residue from oils, household products, coffee, and other substances we all carry around with us.

Unless you plan to never open your vehicle’s doors again, this kind of daily contact is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be the source of unsightly blemishes or potentially unsanitary build-up.

Tint World® offers the toughest automotive paint protection film available. And if you’re not ready for full-body coverage, you can focus on protecting high-impact areas like door cups and door edge guards to prevent the repeated damage that can result from daily driving.

Our advanced paint protection films help protect your vehicle’s finish from scratches, stains, and chips. They also feature hydrophobic resistance to repel water and dirt, along with self-healing properties to ensure their resilience. Tint World®’s virtually invisible protective films preserve the flawless showroom finish you love as well as the value of your vehicle, plus they come with warranties that last for years and no-fuss maintenance.

Tint World®’s paint protective films offer:

  • Extreme scratch and chip resistance
  • Stain resistance to repel salt, insects, and debris
  • Hydro resistance to repel water and dirt
  • Self-healing properties to prevent scratches and swirl marks
  • Easy maintenance
  • Glossy or matte finish

To find out more about our paint protection film — as well as our windshield protection systems and unique, durable Nano Ceramic Coating solutions — visit the nearest Tint World® location.