Protect your vehicle from brine and road salt damage with Tint World®

December 20, 2016

As we head into the end of December, many parts of the country are starting to feel the effects of winter, with forecasts of snow and ice hitting a number of cities. For people who drive in areas that see accumulations of wintry weather, being careful in hazardous driving conditions is important to protect yourself and your families. Winter weather can also take a toll on your vehicle, as the use of brine and salt on roadways can cause damage to your ride if your vehicle isn’t properly protected. The team at Tint World® has worked with customers who have incurred brine and road salt damage, which can lead to serious issues if not properly dealt with by owners.

Damage from brine and road salt can often occur to vehicles in several ways, including:

Corrosion: The biggest threat to vehicles from brine and road salt is corrosion and rust from repeated exposure to these corrosive elements.  Most vehicle underbodies, as well as exposed surfaces of vehicles, can see significant damage from brine and road salt, especially if owners come off the road and straight into a garage or parking spot. Having your vehicle detailed and sprayed to prevent corrosive damage can help inhibit the corrosive properties over the winter.

Reduced Braking: While not often thought about by drivers, brine and road salt can also cause corrosion in exposed brake areas, which can reduce the capabilities of your braking system. Making sure that your braking system is working properly before the dead of winter can help keep your vehicle safe when winter driving conditions hit.

Damage to your vehicle finish: Continued driving in winter weather can damage the finish of your vehicle, especially if you are subject to continuous brine and road salt during the winter months. To help keep your vehicle finishing in the best possible condition, adding car protection film to your ride from Tint World® will protect your paint from the damaging effects of brine and road salt, while also keeping your ride safe from winter debris.

As we move deeper into the winter months, keeping your vehicle protected from brine and road salt damage during winter driving can help protect your investment. If you would like to learn more about the winter driving products and services that are available from Tint World®, contact your local Tint World® today!