What is Paint Protection Film and Why Do I Need It?

February 25, 2011


Tint World® offers expert installation of clear bra and paint protection film (same thing) but some may be unfamiliar with this service. For those of you that have never had paint protection film installed, or have never heard of it – see the following explanation and list of benefits to see what your vehicle has been missing.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or clear bra, is a thin layer of urethane that is applied to areas of your vehicle that are at high risk of abrasion, scuffs, or other minor damages. Paint protection film is nearly invisible and will protect the affected areas from any permanent damage to your vehicle’s exterior. It may seem excessive, but paint protection film can actually save you hundreds on touch-up work and minor damage repair.

Who Should Get Paint Protection Film?

For vehicle owners that don’t mind a scratch here and there, or who have too many to count already, PPF might not be the product for you, but for those of us that want their vehicle to stay in mint condition, it’s a valuable automotive accessory. If you’re recently purchased a new car, paint protection film is an ideal accessory. Not only will it preserve the original finish of the vehicle, but it will also preserve resale value in case you want to sell it later on.

The problem is that minor damages like scuffs and scrapes are pretty much inevitable, but with paint protection film you can protect your vehicle with an invisible shield that protects bumpers, mirrors, and side panels from whatever is lurking around the next bend.

How Is Paint Protection Film Installed?

The installation procedures for paint protection film aren’t terribly different from those of window tinting. Here at Tint World®, we use our computer cut film system to cut film pieces to fit your exact vehicle make and model. Once we locate you vehicle in the database, our machines cut the pieces to your exact specifications. Our expert installers then carefully apply the film to the desired areas, and no one ever has to cut film on your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits of Paint Protection Film?

We’ve touched on a couple – the main benefits of paint protection film are Preservation of Exterior Finish, Better Resale Value, and Prevention of Permanent Damage. The film will deter most marks and scuffs from appearing at all, but in the case significant damage is done to the film, it can be removed, revealing a pristine and preserved exterior finish underneath.

Hopefully we’ve taught you a little about paint protection film you didn’t already know, or convinced you of its benefits if you were skeptical before. Just remember to give us a call at Tint World® for affordable, expertly-installed paint protection film to protect your vehicle.