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Window Tinting – More Than Just A Luxury Service

July 18, 2014

10491120_525065537622483_3443952882542119881_nSummer is in full force, which means the heat has definitely begun to take its toll. Looking for another way to stay cool this summer? Invest in one of the many Window Tinting Services offered at Tint World® and watch how your comfort and satisfaction with your vehicle increases. Not only does investing in window tinting give your vehicle a sleek new look, but it also helps protect against the intense heat that comes with the summer weather.

Did you know that UV rays reach you as you are driving in your vehicle everyday? The harmful UV rays can cause wrinkles, skin cancer and contribute to the aging process. As the hot summer months are here, your skin will get exposure on a daily basis, especially when driving in your car. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, dermatologists have discovered that patients often have sun damage on the left side of their faces and bodies because of UV radiation while driving. The UV radiation is the cause of 90% of all skin cancers.

Take the time to protect yourself and your vehicle against potential dangers with Tint World® professional car window tinting.
Our services offer UV rejection and ensure protection against damage to your skin. Not only will your car have a fresh new look – but you’ll also be protected from the dangerous UV rays that you are exposed to every day. Take the time to invest in one of our tinting services to ensure your safety during the hot summer months, such as Solar Window Tinting that is specifically designed to block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Investing in the car window tint services will not only protect your health but can also save you from the possible hazards that you face when driving every day. Even the most responsible drivers are exposed to several threats when driving with thousands of cars. The adhesive used to glue on the window tint can prevent the glass from shattering on a driver or passenger during an accident. The extra layer also may protect glass from interfering with the functions of the airbag if an accident was to occur.
Stop by Tint World® today to learn about the many benefits of window tinting for your car. Looking for a different kind of upgrade? Make sure to check out our wide variety of Auto Detailing Services and Auto Accessories to style your ride!

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