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Tint World® Launches Exclusive Brand of Specialized Automotive Detailing Products

November 12, 2012

Summary:To serve consumers consistently with the finest auto detailing products available, Tint World® has launched its own brand of specialized automotive detailing products and chemicals.
WESTON, FL – November 12, 2012 – Tint World®, the nation’s leading automotive franchise, is bringing a new level of detailing quality by launching its own exclusive line of specialized automotive detailing products. The products, which range from car wash shampoo to polish, are specially manufactured to offer superior detailing products for Tint World franchisees to utilize.
The launch of the new Tint World® branded auto detailing products comes one year after the release of specialty window tint film under the same Tint World® brand name. As the automotive franchise continues to grow, these premium branded products which also include dressings, cleaners, degreasers, clay bars, and waxes and sealants ensure that only the best resources are used in every Tint World® store. The products themselves are true cut chemicals—chemicals with no fillers or enhancers—and contains acrylic polymers as well as natural components such as carnauba wax.
Franchise President/CEO, Charles Bonfiglio shares his excitement about the products noting that, “When Tint World® puts its name on something, you can be confident that these are premium products used to deliver the absolute best results.”
Manufacturing an exclusive Tint World® brand of automotive detailing products affords the automotive accessories store the ability to consistently offer the finest next-generation detailing products that continually produce showroom quality results.
This consistency is a key factor regarding the high standard of quality control which Tint World® strives for. As Tint World® will be manufacturing the products, franchisees will have an in-depth knowledge base about the products they are using, as opposed to utilizing other third-party products which at times can be improperly applied and provide less that optimum results.
Bonfiglio and the rest of the Tint World® team are very excited about the new Tint World® branded auto detailing products and plan to continue to expand the brand and offer the finest automotive styling products in the marketplace.
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Tint World® is the leading provider of Automotive, Residential, Commercial and Marine Computerized Window Tinting and Security Film Services. Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers offer auto security, car audio video, mobile electronics, performance products, custom wheels and tire packages, automotive styling accessories, and auto detailing and reconditioning services. Tint World® mobile electronics department provide the latest technology products and services that includes everything from basic vehicle upgrades to full blown competition component sound and video systems installations from “Mild to Wild.”
Charles J. Bonfiglio, Franchise President
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