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Tint World® National Automotive Franchise Launches Its Own Exclusive New Brand of Specialized Automotive Window Film

September 15, 2011

Boca Raton, Florida – September 16,2011 – Tint World® automotive franchise offers customers a new level of window tinting quality by launching an exclusive new Tint World® brand of automotive window film. The new film is specially manufactured to offer superior design and warranty at factory direct prices.

For nearly 30 years, Tint World® has always offered the latest and most popular industry brand products with superior warranties for its customers. Offering the latest and hottest products required periodic additions of new film suppliers which offer varying warranties and film products. To serve consumers consistently with the finest window tinting service available, national window tinting franchise, Tint World® has launched its own brand of specialized automotive window film.

Not long after Tint World® became a franchise business in 2007, it was decided that Tint World® would manufacture window tint under its exclusive Tint World® brand in order to maintain a consistent product offering and provide consumers with the newest and most technologically advanced window film options on the market. With its own brand of window film, Tint World® can now provide consumers with the latest in window film technology materials and maintain consistent product offerings of the best window film and computer pro-cut tint installations specialized for automotive application and backed by a superior warranty.

In 2009, Tint World® began the search for a US-based window film manufacturing plant that could provide a solution that would yield the latest high-quality tint technologies and maintain consistent factory direct pricing that would provide consumers with best products available at lower pricing, backed by a no-nonsense lifetime warranty. In early 2011, after years of research and film testing, Tint World® secured a US manufacturing plant and developed a system for manufacturing, brand packaging, and worldwide distribution of its specialized automotive window films.

Tint World® brand window films are innovated and constructed in the United States, and made with the highest-quality materials that feature the latest window tint film technology. Ranging from Economy to Ultimate Tint automotive window tint packages, Tint World® brand films employ a variety of window film features, including signal-enabling technology to eliminate interference with cell phones, radio, and on-board electronics, maximum UV thermal rejection to protect drivers’ skin and eyes, interior fade-resistance for longevity, high solar heat rejection to keep interiors cooler, advanced scratch-resistant film coating, and added durability that can deter thieves during break-ins. Tint World® films are also available in a wide variety of shades and colors to add a personalized look.

Manufacturing an exclusive Tint World® brand of automotive window films affords the automotive accessories store the ability to consistently offer the finest next-generation automotive window films with the latest high-performance technology features with a lifetime warranty. “When Tint World® puts its name on something, you can be confident you are getting the very best!” said Franchise President, Charles Bonfiglio. Bonfiglio and the rest of the Tint World® team are very excited about the new Tint World® brand window film and plan to continue to expand the brand and offer the best products in the marketplace.

About Tint World®

Established 1982 in Tamarac, Florida, Tint World® is now the leading franchised provider of automotive, residential, commercial, and marine window tinting and security film services in the US. Tint World® Automotive Franchise also offers auto security, mobile electronics, performance and styling accessories, custom wheels and tire packages, auto detailing, and reconditioning services.


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