The Tint World® Express Program is a Co-Brand – Store-in-a-Store Concept that works well with Car Dealerships, because it provides the Dealership with a complete in-house aftermarket accessory department to handle all sales, installation and fulfillment services by a professional franchise system that empowers your Car Dealership(s) with a National Brand. Single or multi-owned Car Dealership(s) can now advertise and promote all its aftermarket services under one co-brand identity, backed by a uniform warranty.

No more need to hire unequipped installers or outsource it to one or more local guys, making it hard for Car Dealers to manage and maintain a consistent quality aftermarket service offering due to:

  • inconsistent quality brand products
  • inconsistent quality installation capabilities
  • inconsistent dress code and proper uniform attire
  • inconsistent accountability of warranty service
  • limited sales and service knowledge
  • lack of manpower during peak periods

How does Tint World® Express Franchise Program Work?

When a Car Dealership decides to add a Tint World® Automotive Styling Center to its Dealership, we place a Tint World® franchise owner into the requested Car Dealership as its business premises. The franchise candidate must be accepted and fully trained by Tint World® as part of the Franchise Agreement and System. The Car Dealer can either suggest a franchise prospect or Tint World® will provide a franchise owner to operate the business.

The franchise owner will be making a substantial investment to purchase and open the business according to Tint World®‘s high standards and specifications, so Dealerships can be assured to receive courteous, professional, knowledgeable trained staff to promote the co-branded quality aftermarket sales and installation center.

As part of the Initial setup, Tint World® corporate provides a week of onsite training for each new franchised location to refine and adapt the new business into the dealership’s operation and to work with each department to maximize desired results. As a national franchise, Tint World® assigns an operations manager to each franchisee to provide guidance and assistance. Additionally, Tint World® provides an 800 Customer Service Number for customers that require questions, assistance or concerns.

Tint World® provides all the in-store marketing materials, menu boards and brand advertising programs. We also customize our marketing materials to focus of the products, brands, and features of each dealership, to better co-brand with your Dealership. The www.Tint website provides a store locator, so customer looking for a Tint World® center in your area will find Tint World® at your Car Dealership. Car Dealers can also add Tint World® offers and promotions to their advertising programs to reflect their commitment to aftermarket accessory services, gain more customer traffic and make more sales.

Tint World® will build a Successful Accessory Center into your Car Dealership

Tint World® will set up an accessories sales, service, and installations program that will create profit for your dealership by putting some clear processes in place. We coordinate and help facilitate communication and cooperation between the various departments – sales, parts, service, body shop, used car, and fleet management.

Tint World® will identify a clear accessories sales process

Tint World® will help define the steps and proper procedures for selling accessories in your dealership. We will make your accessory sales process visible throughout your dealership and regularly review the accessory sales process with your entire staff.

Tint World® will provide an aftermarket accessory sales model

Tint World® will help Car Dealerships involve all departments in the process. Tint World® provides an accessories sales manager and installation team. All roles will be clearly defined and each employee will know when to present accessories to the customer. Tint World® will be your Car Dealers accessories “Champion” in charge of the accessory sales process.

Tint World® incorporates a reliable accurate accessory sales system

Consistent dealership pricing, product brands, and labor management will always be up-to-date and accessories data will be easily accessible to all departments. The Tint World® POS system will track all aftermarket accessories sales and commissions. We make it fun and engage every customer in the aftermarket accessory department. Tint World® maintains a regular training program for new and existing employees and helps train individual departments to use sales tools, materials and follow the defined accessory sales process.

Tint World® Certified Custom Vehicles

Tint World® develops the sales process of customized new and pre-owned vehicles to increase dealers’ gross profits by adding custom upgrades such as window tint, paint protection film, auto alarms, iPod/MP3 Integration, Navigation, Bluetooth, TV & DVD systems, satellite radios, stereo upgrades, body kits, custom wheels & tires, cold air intakes, performance exhausts and more. Tint World® offers a Nationwide Warranty (see enclosed) on most products and services with the best warranty in the business, plus we participate in the ProPledge™ Guarantee Program (see enclosed) as a SEMA Member.

Getting Started with the Tint World® Express Program

To get started, Tint World® only requires a commitment to the program from the Car Dealership by providing a lease agreement to Tint World® for a secure location of operation. The lease agreement should reflect that instead of any fixed rent cost, the lease will be paid by a “Shared Revenue Schedule & Vendor Agreement” that will contain a wholesale discount cost of the regular retail prices that Tint World® charges. The discount structure can be set up to be a fixed discount price by product and service and/or a percentage discount by product line. Tint World® will work with each Dealership to set up these arrangements to create a win-win situation.

Tint World® Express Franchise Program Premises Outline


Car Dealer Address, City, State Zip code


We usually require a portion of approximately 800 to 1,200 sq ft. in the main lobby area and two to three assigned service bays with a small caged or locked storage area to keep equipment, tools, parts and supplies. (To be determined)


We require the use of the Dealerships electrical power to set up and operate our computer POS systems and PRO-CUT Film cutting systems in the designated Premises. We require phone lines to the sales counter area. We would use other utilities and common services of the Dealership, such as trash disposal and water & sewer usage.


Tint World® will have the option to install tastefully and professionally prepared signs that displays the trademarks of Tint World® Automotive Styling Center, behind its customer counter and in the office window.

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