In Dash Car Stereo Components

Choose from our full selection of CD, DVD, digital media, car stereo components, and navigation receivers. Today’s in-dash car stereo components offer powerful built-in amplifiers, extensive audio controls, and connection options for iPod, MP3 players, and other gear.

Let your car stereo guide you to your destination. Most in dash GPS navigation systems offer touch screen controls, large easy-to-see displays, and turn-by-turn voice guidance. Look for other car stereo options like Bluetooth and iPod controls.

Expand your car stereo’s entertainment possibilities with HD Radio™ tuners & a tablet or iPad.

  • Car Receivers

    Choose from our wide selection of marine receivers. They offer excellent audio performance and expandability, and they’re built to stand up to the sun, salt, and spray.

  • DVD Receivers

    Remote controls, covers, mounts, satellite radio, and other marine accessories make it easier to use and enjoy your boat’s audio system.

  • GPS Navigation Receivers

    If you’re into music, discover how an outboard amplifier can add new life and authority to your marine audio system. The power and sound quality of an external amp is far superior to the performance of a standard marine audio system’s internal amplifier.

Satellite Radio

Get XM or SIRIUS reception through your home or car stereo using a plug-and-play satellite radio with home and car stereo component accessory kits. Many car stereo models will also dock in a boom box or desktop system.

  • Plug-and-Play Satellite Radios

  • Car Stereo-Only Satellite Radio Packages

  • Handheld Portable Satellite Radios

Car Video Systems

Get the best media experience from your car stereo and car video system by installing an enhanced video system in your vehicle. There are many optional products to fit the application and style of your car stereo or existing car video system.

Add car video to your van, tour bus, or RV with custom-mounted universal screens that can be installed in several appropriate locations or replace your factory headrests with easy-to-install headrest car video screens. Car video screens are available in vehicle-specific and universal versions.

  • In-dash DVD Receivers

  • Overhead Monitors

  • Headrest Monitors

  • Rearview Mirror Monitors

  • Sun Visor Monitors

  • iPad Integration

Car Stereo Amplifiers & Equalizers

  • Amplifiers

    Amplifiers can add new life and authority to your car stereo system. The power and sound quality of an external amp is far superior to the performance of a car stereo internal amplifier.

  • Equalizers

    Equalizers allow you to adjust and organize the signal traveling from your receiver to your amplifiers and shape the sound of your car stereo system.

  • Sound Processors

    Sound processors maximize the performance of your amplifiers and speakers, and adjust your system for your car stereo acoustics.

  • Crossovers

    Crossovers are a network to direct the right frequencies to their various amplifiers and speakers. These are required for sophisticated amplified car stereo systems.

  • Line Drivers

    Line drivers boost car stereo voltage level to the maximum level accepted by your system’s amps and components. This way you get maximum car stereo performance with minimum unwanted noise.

  • Car Stereo Bass Packages

    Car stereo bass packages can be a simple subwoofer box combo to a full-fledged amplified multi-sub setup. Tint World® offers a wide variety of universal or custom direct fit set-ups for your car stereo system.

Tint World® meets all of your car stereo component needs. Contact your local Tint World® for car video and car stereo component prices.

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