Tint World® now offers Katzkin leather interiors made custom for your vehicle. For over 25 years, Katzkin has been designing and manufacturing automotive leather interiors for the most popular cars and trucks on the road. Katzkin is committed to producing leather interiors unmatched in quality and style by combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies and world-class design.


Katzkin Brand Interior Packages

Katzkin Brand Interior Packages offer the latest in interior car accessories and at Tint World® you can create your own custom Katzkin package combining specially-designed leather seat covers. Interior car accessory packages will often include items such as custom dashes, neon interior, grilles, spoilers, totes, and other unique car accessories for interior and exterior car style. Stop by Tint World® to view all of our interior car accessories and discuss pricing for your vehicle.

What is Katzkin?

Experience the luxury, ease of maintenance and durability of a leather interior, tailor-made for your vehicle. Katzkin transforms the entire driving experience with leather interiors that meet the highest quality factory standards.

Katzkin is…

  • Premium quality leather interiors, tailor-made for each vehicle.
  • Complete cloth interior replacement, including door panels & consoles.
  • Backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.
  • Designed to fit original manufacturer specifications.
  • The leader in custom automotive solutions.

Katzkin is NOT…

  • Leather seat covers slipped on over the existing seat interior.
  • Low-quality, one-size-fits all upholstery.
  • Off-the-shelf purchase requiring frequent replacement.
  • Designed without original manufacturer guarantees.
  • One of many seat cover manufacturers.


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