Tint World® Installs Driving Aids and Hand Controls

(*Driving aids compensate for all kinds of disabilities & limitations)

Tint World® can upgrade your vehicle with life-changing driving aid options get you back in the driver’s seat.

Tint World®’s technicians are trained to provide the latest technologies in installation techniques providing the safest, cleanest factory suited driving aid installations that seamlessly integrate into your vehicles factory system.

Tint World® professionals can help you choose, design, and install the driving aid or hand control system that is right for you. The right service, right equipment, and the right installations are what you get at Tint World®.

  • Manual Hand Controls
  • Power Assist Driving Aids
  • Special Steering Devices
  • Electronic Auxiliary Controls
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Wheelchair Lifts & Tie Downs

Driving Aids

Life-changing driving aids get you back in the driver’s seat

Revolutionary driving aids help you enjoy a “barrier-free” life. Traveling to see family and friends is a breeze when you install accessible features including Turning Automotive Seat, the Bruno Lift-Up Seat, Restraint Systems or MPS Hand Controls.

High-Tech Driving Aids

Driving aids like one-touch controls, joysticks, and hand controls have revolutionized the driving experience for handicapped drivers. Quadriplegics and individuals who can move no more than two extremities can now safely operate a vehicle equipped with driving aids known as Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC).

Steering hand controls, gas and brake, turn signals, windows and doors, transmission selector and other vehicle operating features can be tailored to your needs and programmed with EMC driving aids by our Certified Mobility Technicians.

The intelligence of these driving aids automatically recognizes which Input Device is being utilized at the time and are designed specifically to maximize your unique physical abilities.

Visit a Tint World® to test high-tech driving aids and hand controls. We can completely outfit your vehicle, and train you on these really cool products.

Automotive Seating Systems are Simply Easy

Achieve easy access in and out of your vehicle with a Turnout Automotive Seating System. Available in either manual or power, it’s an alternative to transporting someone in a wheelchair. Optional features include swivel-base for anyone having trouble getting in or out of a vehicle, driver or front-passenger mounting, first and second-row installation, and easily removable seats to return the vehicle to its original condition.

Ability Center’s Complete Service Center offers installation without any structural modification to your vehicle. Several models are offered from Bruno, the leading manufacturer of Turning Automotive Seating Systems. Contact your Tint World® today for a free assessment to determine which driving aid system works best for your minivan, SUV, full-size pickup truck, or full-size van.

Automotive Hand Controls Let You Be The Driver

Automobile Hand Controls are driving aids specifically designed to give physically limited drivers the benefit of control and ease when driving a vehicle. Tint World® sells and installs Hand Controls from the leaders in the industry, Monarch and Menox.

These smooth-operating hand controls allow for miles and miles of relaxed trouble-free driving. All hand controls and accessories may be used for right or left hand operation. An automatic transmission is required, and such driving aids can only be installed in vehicles with power steering and brakes. With hand controls, accelerating and braking are distinctive and easy to use in the flow of traffic. Even functions like operating window washers and turn signals are easy with these driving aids. These advanced-design hand controls offer comfortable and ergonomic driving that conform to a person’s natural hand-arm-wrist movement.

Transfer Seat Driving Aid

Power Transfer Seats make transfers from a wheelchair to the driver or passenger seats convenient and easy. It saves you valuable time, too. At the touch of a fingertip, the fully automatic Power Seat Base swivels 90 degrees to allow carefree transfers. Individual controls for front to rear travel and height give you complete control and comfort. Power Seat Base driving aids are now designed to accommodate OEM airbag control housing (usually installed under the driver-side seat).

Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps

Maneuver easily within your vehicle

Continue to enjoy your active lifestyle of shopping, recreation, and visiting with friends with the installation of a wheelchair lift or platform. Our wide selection of top quality wheelchair lifts for electric scooters and power wheelchairs give you a world of greater mobility. Our Complete Driving Aid Service Center will install and service your purchase, and train you how to use this new feature. All driving aids include a manufacturer’s warranty, plus the Tint World® assurance that you will be absolutely delighted with your purchase.

Driving Aid Rebates and Discounts Available

Reduce the bottom line costs of your driving aids. GM, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota, Volvo, and Volkswagen provide mobility programs, discounts, and deals for new accessible vehicles. Call or visit your local Tint World® to see if you are eligible to save $1,000 or more on driving aids.

Tint World® is happy to meet all of your needs for hand controls, driving aids, and more. Contact your local Tint World® to discuss specific driving aids for you.

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