Mobile electronics give you the upper hand on the road. Use in dash GPS, backup cameras, and laser detectors to see where you’re going, where you’ve been, and avoid trouble along the way.

In Dash GPS Navigation

Most in dash GPS navigation systems offer touchscreen controls, large easy-to-see displays, and turn-by-turn voice guidance and access to preloaded maps to find local points-of-interest on your route. Many in dash GPS navigators include MP3 playback, Bluetooth capability, and voice prompts.

Portable and in dash GPS Navigation can change the way you travel. Touchscreen controls access preloaded maps and find local points-of-interest on your route. Many GPS navigators include MP3 playback, Bluetooth capability, and voice prompts. Portable or in dash GPS navigation can change the way you travel. Easy touchscreen controls grant easy access to directions, traffic updates, and more right from your dashboard.

  • In Dash GPS Navigation
  • Portable Car GPS Navigation
  • Handheld Personal GPS
  • Motorcycle Navigation

Radar Laser Detectors

Tint World® is an exclusive K-40 laser detector Authorized Dealer and offers portable cordless and remote-mount Radar Detector options. Our selection of radar and laser detectors offers safety alerts, protection against VG-2, and POP laser detection. Many laser detectors have instant-on modes and variable sensitivity to reduce false alerts.

  • Portable Radar Laser Detector
  • Mounted Radar Laser Detector / Jammer

100% Immunity from Speeding Tickets!

K-40 will pay any and all radar speeding tickets you get for one year after purchase of a laser detector, excluding tickets issued in school zones, construction zones and/or when DWI or DUI is involved. No manufacturer of ordinary detectors dares offer this protection.

100% Performance Guarantee!

If your new K40 Radar Laser Detector System does not outperform any other radar detector you’ve owned, return it within 30 days for full product credit.

100% Protection against Theft of the Unit!

If your K40 Laser Detector is ever stolen anywhere, under any circumstances, K-40 will replace it at no cost to you. Just provide us with proof of purchase and a copy of the police report that was filed.

100% Quality Workmanship Guarantee!

K-40 will pay for any and all repairs or replacement of defective laser detective parts for twelve months after purchase.

Backup Cameras

  • Install a Backup Camera to see the world behind your ride in full-view to your car’s video screen monitor.
  • License Plate Backup Camera to see you rear-view to your car’s video screen. When you back up, your backup camera switches automatically to show you what’s behind you.
  • Backup Camera Display Mirrors are the intuitive way to add backup camera safety to your vehicle. The Rear view Backup Camera Display Mirror is available with a bold 2.4″ or 3.5″ LCD monitor built right into the mirror with full auto-dimming capability too.

For any and all questions about in dash GPS, backup cameras, or laser detectors, please contact your local Tint World®.