Anchor windows to minimize damage and keep the glass in place during extreme conditions. Tint World® can anchor windows with a thick 8 mils or 15 mils film onto the existing window frame as added protection from a blast or other high-force occurrences. If you don’t anchor windows, an exterior explosion can hurl glass shards at people inside the building at deadly speeds. Since most blast injuries and death result from flying debris that is created from the shock wave, you can anchor windows to greatly minimize damage and injury during a blast.

Window film application will give some protection from a blast, but if you don’t anchor windows, the blanket of glass held together by the film may fly into the building at high speeds. Tint World® can anchor windows with an anchoring system on the window film in the existing window frame, creating a more secure environment for building occupants.

Security window anchor

Tint World® Certified Safety Film Installers are part of an elite group that will anchor windows securely and efficiently. As part of Tint World®’s franchise network of Certified Safety Film Installers, we currently anchor windows for hundreds of high-profile buildings and embassies around the world.

With terrorist bombings and activities around the world occurring on a daily basis, it has become an unfortunate reality that we must anchor windows. After the September 11th attacks, government agencies strengthened existing building codes and drafted new building construction regulations. One area of concern would be glass breakage and how it affects both bodily injuries and property destruction.

If you have any concern with the safety of your windows in an explosion or other forceful occurrences, contact Tint World® to anchor windows or learn more about window anchoring. /p>