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Marine Audio Systems

Tint World® offers a full lineup of leading boat audio and marine audio systems. We carry the most popular marine audio systems and other high-tech products including GPS Navigation, GPS Tracking, Blue Tooth, iPod Kits, Night Vision Mirrors, Back Up Cameras and entertainment systems.

Tint World® can upgrade your marine audio systems, whether you’re looking for basic convenience products, safety devices, or just want the coolest toys for your vessel – Tint World® will meet your needs.

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Yacht and marine audio systems

Audio receiver

Marine Audio Receivers

Choose from our wide selection of marine receivers. They offer excellent audio performance and expandability, and they’re built to stand up to the sun, salt, and spray.

Satellite radio

Marine Satellite Radio

Remote controls, covers, mounts, satellite radio, and other marine accessories make it easier to use and enjoy your boat’s audio system.

Audio amplifier

Marine Audio Amplifiers

The power and sound quality of an external amp are far superior to the performance of a standard marine audio system’s internal amplifier.

Audio Equalizer

Marine Audio Equalizers

Shape the sound of your audio system with these equalizers and processors, which allows you to adjust and organize the signal traveling from your receiver to your amplifiers.

Audio crossover


A sophisticated amplified marine audio system requires a crossover network to direct the right frequencies to its various amplifiers and speakers.

Audio Bass package

Marine Audio Bass Packages

You’ll find a variety of bass packages here. From a simple subwoofer/box combo to a full-fledged amplified multi-sub setup, we can up the bump in your marine audio system.

Sound processor

Sound Processors

Sound processors maximize the performance of amplifiers and speakers, and adjust your marine audio system for optimal acoustic performance.

Audio speakers

Marine Audio Speakers

You’ll enjoy the detailed, realistic sound when you upgrade your marine speakers at Tint World® whether you’re wake-boarding or watching the sun go down.

Audio subwoofers

Marine Audio Subwoofers

Enjoy powerful, accurate bass in your vessel with today’s component subwoofers. Build your system and listen to the music to take on a whole new dimension in your vessel!

Enclosed subwoofer

Enclosed Subwoofers

A subwoofer and enclosure matched at the factory for surefire performance — enclosed subwoofers take the guesswork out of adding bass to your marine audio system.

Powered subwoofer

Powered Subwoofers

These models combine a matched subwoofer and amplifier in a compatible marine audio enclosure. You’ll find powered subwoofers in a variety of sizes.


Marine GPS Navigation

Use touchscreen controls to access preloaded maps and find local points-of-interest. Many GPS navigators include MP3 playback, Bluetooth capability, and voice prompts.

Tint World® Offers Top Brand Audio & Video Products For Your Car, Truck, SUV, Watercraft, and More!

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Added Safety With GPS

When you are out on the water safety is important. At Tint World® we carry and professionally install a wide range of products including GPS navigation, GPS tracking, night vision mirrors, and back up cameras. Staying safe has never been so easy!

Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, Sirius

Satellite Radio Integration

Sick of listening to static? Tint World®’s Marine Audio components can help improve sound quality and add features like HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio, Bluetooth and iPod control that your built-in factory stereo might otherwise not have.

technician installing audio amplifier

Professional Installation

Tint World® offers professional installation for all of our marine audio products. Let our experienced technicians upgrade your boat or yacht with that seamlessly integrated look and style. We make the entire process fast and easy so you can get back on the water.