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In addition to our everyday guaranteed lowest prices, you can also take advantage of our special promotions, manufacturer’s limited-time rebates and discontinued and overstock items. Our special offers include:

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Each month we ask our manufacturers, “What specials can you give our customers?” We work hard with our manufacturers to provide incredible deals that make your shopping experience even better. We promote the best offers on our Daily Deals page!

Tint World® exclusive “LOWER PRICING” program

Tint World® is an authorized dealer for our brands and products and is required to comply with manufacturer’s sales and pricing policies. Our prices are not only lower than the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), but in many cases our prices are lower than MAP (Manufacturer’s Advertised Price), the lowest price for which manufacturers will allow their products to be advertised. We can do this because of our exclusive “LOWER PRICING” program.

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Manufacturer’s Rebates

If you found a manufacturer’s rebate for an eligible product that you purchased from Tint World® and want to redeem it, simply fill out the form and follow the redemption instructions.

  1. Download and print the rebate form from the manufacturer’s site. Unless otherwise specified, rebates can only be sent by mail to the address listed on the rebate form. You do not need to mail a copy of the rebate form to Tint World®.
  1. Complete the form and mail ALL requested materials to the manufacturer’s indicated address. Make sure it is postmarked by the promo expiration date.

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