We collect Sales Tax in the state your orders were made on the total amount of your order, based on the states district’s rates as they apply.

Tint World, LLC Franchise Headquarters is based in Florida, with independently owned franchised physical business locations in a particular state or providence such as business offices or distribution warehouses, and as an Online Retailer, each franchised physical business locations are required to collect sales tax for customers in the particular state products are sold. Purchases from all states or providence that do not have a location will not be subject to sales tax; however, consumers who live in a state that collects sales tax are technically required to pay the tax directly to the state even when an Online Retailer doesn’t collect it. This is referred to as “use” tax rather than sales tax. If you’re a tax-exempt entity, you can take advantage of tax-exempt status for applicable purchases made at a Tint World® location or TintWorld.com by contacting the location you are purchasing from or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-767-8468.