Find items you want and save them in your “Wish List” for future ordering. You can access your Wish List at any time by simply logging into your account.

Tint World® provides you with exclusive features to make your shopping experience convenient and full featured. Your Wish List was designed to save you time and money while organizing your account.

Promotional Alerts – You can set your Wish List on promotional alert, so you are notified via email when a sale or discount is available.

Gifts Register – You can invite family, friends, co-workers, and employers to register and access your Wish List to buy items for your birthday, holiday, event celebration or other special occasion. This makes it easy for you to get the gifts you really what you want, instead of a necktie or pair of slippers. Simply add their email addresses to your Gift Register and submit. They will then receive an email taking them to your Wish List page.