WhereSafe GPS

Protect Your Passions

WhereSafe is flexible and can be used to protect young drivers, elderly parents and your assets, which can include cars, boats, RVs, equipment, ATVs and more.


After hour monitoring


Safe Zone Monitoring


Activity Monitoring

  • View routes for today and yesterday
  • Any Time from Anywhere access
  • Motion and Tamper detection

Security Monitoring

  • North America Coverage
  • Unlimited Real time Tracking
  • All data and Wireless Service

Best Deals of the Week

Magnetic GPS Tracker
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Magnetic and Portable

A fully portable battery powered GPS tracker that can detect movement even when it's in full sleep mode.

Magnetic GPS Tracker
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Real-time & Water-resistant

Designed specifically to track any powered sports equipment or vehicle in real time.

Plug-In GPS Tracker (OBDII)
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Simple Installation, Plug & Play

Elderly parents still driving? Young teens just got their license? Just plug into your vehicle's OBDII port and know where your loved ones are at all times!

What Our Clients Say

My motorcycle was stolen and with the help of the WhereSafe app I was able to recover my bike and uncover a theft ring

Lenn C

This app really helps me know where my elderly parents are when they travel. It removes all the worry of them driving at night because I know where they are and how fast they are going. Awesome app and would recommend to anyone looking to monitor their aging parents!!

Vladin G

This app is exactly what me and my family needed! I always know where my loved ones are without having to call/text them.

Mark R