Tint World® Auto Styling & Window Tinting Franchise Is
America’s largest & Fastest

Why Own A Tint World® Franchise?

The Tint World® franchise system is built on proven principles that have been successfully implemented by people from all walks of life. This is possible because Tint World® has invested in one of the most comprehensive pre-opening training and assistance programs in the industry.

Tint World® strategy is to offer you the advantage of a truly sophisticated business management, sales and production support system. As you investigate Tint World®, you will find that there is no better investment with more opportunity that will require less time and money -- anywhere!

Tint World® franchise owners all have certain things in common such as:

  • Desire to be on the leading edge of growth and income opportunities
  • Passion for providing their clients the highest level of service
  • Desire to operate in a clean, high-tech work atmosphere

Tint World® Award-Winning Franchise

Our awards highlight and validate our mission to be the leading automotive styling and window tinting franchise. Browse through all of Tint World®'s awards below to learn more.

Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Tint World® Top 500 Franchises

Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 reviews the world's best and most comprehensive franchises and named Tint World® Franchise as part of their annual Top 500 Franchises for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Entrepreneur determines which companies come out on top and dominate established industries. Then, each eligible franchisor was scored based on more than 150 data points, and those with the highest cumulative scores become the Top Franchise 500.

Franchise Business Review Ranks Tint World® Top 50 Franchise

Franchise Business Review is the leading market research company in the franchise industry and named Tint World® Franchise as part of their annual Top 50 Franchises for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Franchise Business Review researches hundreds of franchise companies to compile this ranking, and the franchise opportunities on this list have been rated among the very best franchises by their own franchisees - the real franchise experts!

Franchise Gator Ranks Tint World® Top 100 Franchises

Franchise Gator has one of the largest directories of business opportunities and franchises on the internet. Their Top 100 list is a yearly ranking of franchise opportunities. Tint World® made this Top 100 list for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

The Franchise Gator ranked list is based on several key factors including, but not limited to, financial stability, growth, transparency, continuity, and sustainability.

Franchise Times

Franchise Times Top 200+ is the only ranking by worldwide revenue and locations of the largest 500 U.S.-based franchise brands. Tint World® made the Top 200+ list for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Franchise Times Top 200+ also analyzes 12 industry sectors based on percentage change in sales growth, reports the 10 fastest-growing franchises by four different measures, and includes little-known stories about the biggest names in franchising.

Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Tint World® Top Franchises for Veterans

Entrepreneur ranks the top 150 franchises that offer incentives and other programs to help veterans become franchisees and named Tint World® Franchise as part of their annual Top Franchises for Veterans for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

These are the Top Franchises that truly offer the best opportunities for veterans interested in becoming franchisees supported with an incentive offer (usually a franchise-fee discount) for veterans joining their system.

Inc. 5000

Inc. 5000 ranks the country's top 5000 fastest-growing private companies. Tint World® made this list for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2019, 2020.

The Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a three-year period. This list honors the extraordinary journeys of the fastest-growing companies in America. It is the most prestigious honor for growing private businesses and business leaders.

A Full-Service Turn-Key Franchise

The Tint World® Franchise System provides entrepreneurial scalability -- from startup to training and ongoing operations support.


Tint World® has relationships with a network of lenders. These lenders work with you in securing the necessary loan you'll need to build your Tint World®. Tint World® is also on the SBA Franchise Registry, that provides a streamlined application process.


Each new location is carefully determined between the franchisee, the Tint World® Headquarters Team, and our preferred real estate brokers who specialize in Tint World® location placement. Tint World® assists with negotiating a lease, layout and buildout support.


Tint World® takes a hands-on-approach during the construction process for every franchisee beginning with a new Tint World® location AutoCAD layout and design. Tint World® works with a vast network of approved vendors, architects, and general contractors is essential to the success of the development process.


Tint World® University three-week training program covers all the necessary skills needed in becoming a successful business owner. The first two weeks are spent in a classroom on business management, and the third week is spent in a Tint World® center on sales and operations.


The Tint World® Marketing Team supports every franchisee with effective and innovating marketing initiatives, at the local and national levels. This assistance includes helping you with your grand opening plans and social media presence, along with the implementation of new product launches.


Tint World® provides a software platform to manage performance in every department including; Tint World® POS System, Accounting, Financial Performance, CRM Customer Leads, Email Marketing, Marketing Collateral, Social Media, Reputation Management, Online Training and more.


Tint World® Operations Managers assist in grand openings, staff training, and ensure the store is fully prepared and ready for their first customer. Tint World® operations managers call and visit Tint World® Centers on a regular basis to conduct operations excellence evaluations, answer questions and provide support.


Tint World® franchisees benefit from Unmatched National Purchasing Power, and have the advantage of offering the best products at the best prices. Tint World®’s industry’s leading partnership distribution network ensures consistent nationwide delivery of quality brand name products.


Tint World® is always researching new ways to help franchisees profit from trends and stay on the cutting edge to meet business needs. Once new products or services have gone through rigorous testing and proven to be a profit generating segment, we roll it out to all Tint World® franchisees.

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Tint World® Is An Industry Leader

Aside from being a proven brand with awesome, and successful franchisees, Tint World® dominates the industry.

join an exciting aftermarket industry

People love their cars. As a Tint World® franchisee you’ll get to work with many different vehicles and clients, offering the hottest brands, and the latest automotive accessories and mobile technologies to design custom auto styling solutions.

benefit from unmatched group buying power

Tint World® group buying power provides high-quality products at unbeatable discounted prices for franchise owners so you can offer the best products and services at unbeatable prices and maintain high gross profit margins.

gain high profit margins out the gate

With special deals from group buying support, you’ll find large profit margins for all of the valued services you offer. Nearly all Tint World® services have a low overhead, so you’ll quickly see your initial investment grow into big profits.

Tint World® Cloud-Based Business Software Platform

The Tint World® Single Sign-On Franchise System provides each franchisee with a simple and intuitive modular cloud-based platform to manage your entire franchise business.

POS System

Intranet Portal

Sales Reporting

Training Library

Events Calendar

Digital Assets

Marketing Fulfillment

Direct Mail

Leads Dashboard

Social Media


Email Automation

Email Campaigns

Micro Website


Secure Hosting

Tint World®’s 7-Point Formula For Success

Tint World® has developed the concept and perfected the formula of skills acquired for over 40 years to successfully guide the marketing and automotive service operations that provides consumers with high quality products and services for their vehicles, boats, homes and businesses with exceptional value.

Our solid reputation as the leading automotive accessory and window tinting specialty centers has streamlined our business system that is designed to help our franchisees maximize their potential. As a Tint World® franchisee it is not necessary to reinvent a system; simply follow the Tint World® proven system for success.

Tint World®'s 7-Point Formula For Success Includes:

We realize that enhancing profits at the operating level is fundamental to our success; It’s our #1 priority!

Tint World® staffing training and compensation program provides a desirable workplace that attracts top-notch careers for employees who share Tint World®'s mission of service excellence. Through experience, Tint World® customers receive services performed by friendly, competent technicians they can trust.

Tint World® offers a broader range of services than ordinary tint or accessory shops that provides customers a “one-stop-shop” that offers a complete Automotive Styling Center solution. Tint World® centers are divided into three departments that provide specialized services and create multiple profit centers.

The window tinting and film department features automotive tint and the installation of protective films, vehicle wraps and graphics. The mobile electronics and accessory department features technical services such as car audio video systems, auto security and accessory installations. The detailing and reconditioning department features a complete line of detailing and reconditioning services.

Tint World® studio style centers are brighter and more attractive than those of competitors. The exterior design foretells the professional service received inside, where state-of-the-art interactive showroom displays and advanced service equipment provides a well-trained crew to fulfill customers’ expectations. Design flexibility allows for maximize individual site and lot configurations.

Only top-of-the-line, nationally recognized products are installed in automobiles at Tint World® centers. Tint World® has cultivated relationships with top manufacturers and vendors of the finest quality products and distribution in the marketplace. In the spirit of partnership and Tint World®’s chain purchasing power, these vendors not only provide additional support to franchisees through reduced pricing, but they also support Tint World® training and marketing programs.

Tint World® advertising is memorable and relative to its target customers. Innovative campaigns are developed through a combined strategy of demographic message targeting and creative words, images and digital marketing. With this approach, Tint World® is able to introduce new customers to its business and reinforce existing customer confidence. The utilization of in-house and outside advertising agencies presents a consistent message across the chain broadcast campaign through a variety of outlets such as creative design, Video, radio, direct mail, in-store materials, and digital internet marketing.

Tint World® believes that routinely examining and updating its operating procedures is essential in moving the organization forward and possesses powerful insights with new business development while actively recruiting ideas and opinions from its franchisees together as a chain to maintain quality and consistency of the message and to continue growth of the Tint World® brand.

The Tint World® Franchise Lifestyle

The Tint World® system gives its franchisees the opportunity to be their own boss in an auto styling franchise they own. The Tint World® business gives its franchisees the opportunity to build their business around their personal lives, with little to no outside travel necessary. Because you will be the boss in your own business, you have the opportunity of building equity, which can pave the way for financial freedom.

  • Family-friendly business
  • Regular daytime hours
  • Casual business dress code
  • Professional customer services
  • Clean and safe work environment
  • Providing good jobs to good people
  • Building a future for you and your family
  • Opportunity for strong community involvement
  • And you'll always drive the coolest cars

Join A Team With Exceptional Support

As a Tint World® franchisee, you’ll enjoy corporate support in many areas of your business. Tint World® provides constant business consulting and operational support, plus you’ll benefit from Tint World®’s comprehensive marketing campaign which includes promotion materials, email campaigns, and the latest in web marketing techniques like search engine optimization and web video production to promote business in your area.

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Each of our locations are expertly designed, branded, and marketed to showcase all the great services Tint World has to offer.


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Tint World® Franchisee Testimonials

Tint World® Franchisees love to share their success stories.

Excellent franchise. They have everything you need to be successful. I look forward to the Tint World® Franchise Convention and Awards Banquet training every year. They offer the greatest brands and have a great corporate team.

Tim Kjaer

Owner of Tint World®

Medford, NY

The marketing department of Tint World® is amazing. I have an automotive accessory background and I prefer to be part of the franchise system because they do it for me at my stores. It is a huge added value to what they offer.

Danny Rios

Owner of Tint World®

San Antonio, TX

I chose to join the Tint World® family and become owner of the Pittsburgh location after seeing the massive success the franchisees are having and learning about the dedication that the Tint World® corporate team has for the store owners to thrive.

Brandon Blume

Owner of Tint World®

Pittsburgh, PA

Opening a Tint World Franchise has been a great experience. We've been open for a little over a year now and have far exceeded our goals!

Donnie Saucier

Owner of Tint World®

Gulfport, MS

I want to thank the CEO, Charles Bonfiglio for being a great role model for the last five years and taking the time to share his wisdom with me; business and non-business related. He represents everything I'm striving to become one day - in business, as a father and a husband - a true inspiration! Thank you!

Danny Shenko

Owner of Tint World®

Fort Lauderdale & Sunrise, FL

This is an excellent franchise opportunity. The Corporate Team is great to work with. Charles' passion and excitement is contagious!

Richard Martin

Owner of Tint World®

Albany, NY

We have had a great transition from the moment we considered a franchise purchase with Tint World to opening our store. They have a great team to support you the entire way!

Xan Owens

Owner of Tint World®

Morgan Hill, CA

I chose to open a Tint World franchise after seeing several stores and meeting the dedicated, professional staff at the corporate office. They are very real people that care about creating opportunity for more people to build their own successful business.

Jeff Rackley

Owner of Tint World®

The Colony, TX

The reason I chose Tint World is that they treat you like family. I felt very welcomed during Discovery Day and Charles, the CEO is so passionate with Tint World and it shows it in how Tint World keeps successfully growing.

Pedro Flores

Owner of Tint World®

Midland, TX

I just wanted to thank you all for the training at Corporate. It’s obvious to me why the Franchise is growing so fast. Having the right leadership, employees and products is what every business strives for and I see it all in Tint World. I am very excited to get my contribution added to your family and I'm looking forward to learning more from everyone there.

Stephen Klein

Owner of Tint World®

New Orleans-Elmwood, LA

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