Lackland air force base is a military base located in San Antonio, Texas. It is a part of Joint Base San Antonio which was formed after a merger of three branches; Lackland, the United States Air Force Randolph and the United States Army Fort Sam Houston air force bases.

The joint base was formed in 2010 after implementation of the recommendations of a legislation passed in 2005 that ordered three adjoining military facilities to be merged into one. Lackland AFB is best known for basic military training, BMT for the air force, AF reserves and air national guards.

Construction of Lackland air force base started back in 1941. It has been used for many purposes since then from being part of Kelly Field, San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, and central flying training command, radar center, to what it is now.

The popularity of Lackland AFB grew during the cold war in 1948 when the population increased to 28 BMTS. However that number was reduced to 16 BMTS in 1965 and stayed so for two decades. According to the 2010 census the base had a population of 9,918 people residing in it.

Top Sites and Things to Do

BMT Graduation – one of the biggest attractions to the Lackland AFB is the BMT graduation ceremony. This ceremony really reinforces the pride people have in their country and the military that protects them. It is also a great time to be together with family and friends.

The parade grounds are huge and well organized for the ceremony. They are also closely located to the entrance and parking is easy to get.

Site Seeing

Lackland air force base, has many different types of aircrafts and replicas of aircrafts used by the military that people can admire. Being in a military training base also is not a usual event for many and seeing at how the military live is a great pleasure.

There is so much to see in terms of how the place is organized and how they get along in their daily lives. Most of the houses also are traditional and built in the traditional style.

Visit the Museum

The base has a nice air force museum with many historical artifacts and military artifacts. It is called the History and Traditions Museum. The displays showcase the evolution of aviation, the JN-4 Jenny aircraft, different military uniforms worn throughout the years and so much more.

There’s a lot of learning that happens at the museum about the military and how far it has come. Admission to the museum is usually free.


The base has a bowling alley for those who enjoy bowling. They also serve food and also there is a bar at the bowling alley. Here you can enjoy a game as you have some drinks and catch up.

Take a Stroll

The base is really big and therefore if you love taking walks in quiet, serene environments you will love taking a stroll around the facility.

Lackland AFB is a pride for many Americans, whether those with BMT graduates or not. Although the place is not open to the public during other times, it is imperative you visit if you have been invited for a graduation.

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