The San Antonio River Walk is a city park that is one of a kind. It is a series of walk ways located along the San Antonio River bank. What’s more, the park is located a story below the San Antonio streets, making it really stand out as a park. River Walk connects some of the best tourist sites in San Antonio.

This makes it a street but a park. Along River Walk are many shopping outlets and restaurants. River Walk provides tourists with easy access to all the major sites in San Antonio. Along River Walk are bridges, paved ways and lush landscapes.

River Walk is also known as Paseo del Rio. The park was not really planned for but started out as a development to control floods in the area of downtown San Antonio after floods had killed 50 people in 1921. After that Robert Hughman an architect proposed better ways of controlling the floods and beautification of the San Antonio River, which would later become River Walk.

Hughman’s idea was adopted later on and development of River Walk started in 1939. By 1946 the first restaurant on River Walk, the Casa Rio was opened. From then the developments have soared along River Walk to even see extensions of the park to areas where it had not originally reached like Hemisfair.

Top Sites and Things to do

Visit All The Sites Along River Walk

If you want a complete tour of all the best tourist sites in San Antonio then River Walk will guide you to all of them. Some of the sites to visit along River Walk include Hemisfair park, The Arneson River Theater, marriage island, la villita, Guenther house, the San Antonio Museum of Art and so many others. You can do this as you take your stroll in the afternoon along the 4 mile stretch that is River Walk.


If you want fine dining or casual dining, River Walk has all the restaurants you might need. Starting with the Casa Rio the oldest restaurant, the Guenther house, Menger hotel, hotel Valencia, Watermark Hotel & Spa, Pesca, Tex-Mex, Schilos and many others. These hotels offer different cuisines so you can engage your taste buds with anything you like from hot and spicy to American burgers.


Robert Hughman had a vision of having shops along the river and surely his vision came true. There are many gift shops along River Walk where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and gift items.

Take a Boat Ride

If you do not prefer to walk the park, when not sit in a boat and enjoy the sites from the water? You can enjoy taking boat rides along River Walk.

Attend Events

River Walk park is known for Fiesta Noche del Rio or attend an evening show at Arneson Theater. There are also night clubs along River Walk where you can enjoy your evening.

There is always something new coming up along River Walk and the activities to engage in here are numerous. River Walk is really a magical place that even the founders had not envisioned. Once you step foot on it, it takes a hold of you and will definitely make you visit another time.

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