The University of Texas San Antonio is the biggest university in San Antonio and amongst the biggest in Texas. The university has three campuses in the San Antonio area and it spans a total of 725 acres. The university has an enrollment of about 31,000 students and it offers a wide range of academic services with 67 bachelor’s courses, 69 for masters and 24 for doctoral programs.

The university has many accolades to its name including “one of the best universities in world under 50 years old.” The University of Texas San Antonio runs on a semester based academic calendar. The mean school fees being charged as of the 2017-18 academic year are; $9,380 for instate tuition and $23,379 for out of state tuition.

The University of Texas San Antonio was founded in 1969 and commissioned as a university of the first class. The offices of the first president of UTSA were set up at the Hemisfair Park in 1970. That same year, UTSA accepted 600 acres of land that were donated for the site of the main campus.

The first class was enrolled in 1973 and had only 1,113 students but classes began in 1975 at the main campus with 4,433 students. In the recent years the university has continued to develop physically constructing not only buildings in the main campus but also extending and starting other campuses. It now has three campuses to its name and 9 colleges under its authority.


The university is able through its colleges to offer more than 120 doctoral, masters and certificate programs. Because of the many campuses and colleges the University of Texas San Antonio is able to offer classes that are well sized. They are also able to offer to their students colleges that are more specialized to certain courses.

Specialization allows for proper development especially of required facilities like labs and others. If all these courses were in one campus some would be neglected for the sake of others. Some of the doctoral programs offered include; accounting, biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, finance, IT and so many others. The student faculty ratio at UTSA is 23:1, a figure considered to be good.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2016, the university bagged the 2016 APPA award for excellence in facilities management. This award is the highest institution honor given by APPA. The award indicates how well the institution is managing their facilities in order to achieve their goals, mission and vision. It is an indication of an institution that is a true leader in facilities management. The award lasts for five years.

The institution has received many other awards and recognitions in the past years. However, to motivate their employees and alumni UTSA has many award and recognition events meant at motivating the employees and alumni to continue being a part of the UTSA community.

UTSA continues to be a world leader in everything academic. It has become a revered center of excellence and research institution using technology and other traditional methods to ensure their students succeed.

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